Survey to Reveal Vertical Industry Specific Current and Emerging Trends in Global Services | Press Release

Joint Everest Group and Shared Services and Outsourcing Network Survey to Launch in Early January 2012

DALLAS and ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 15, 2011 ― Everest Group and the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) today announced that they will launch a global survey to understand the current and emerging state of global services by industry and geography in early January 2012. Sign up now to be notified when the survey launches!

This will mark the first-ever study of industry-specific strategies in shared services and outsourcing. Covering more than 10 different industries, the study, titled Vertical Industry Strategies in Shared Services and Outsourcing, will analyze traditional Selling, General & Administrative, or SG&A, functions and industry-specific functions across the value chain to understand how companies are approaching increasing the benefits derived from their global services initiatives.

The study is intended to provide a unique understanding of each function in each industry, the role, structure and involvement level of the shared services group and the levers (for example, analytics, process re-engineering, technology enhancements) being pursued to capture the next state of value for each function. The primary target audience and contributors are shared services and outsourcing professionals working for enterprises. The survey will also have alternative branches with questions created for service providers, consultants and analysts.

Eric Simonson, managing partner, research, Everest Group, stated, “Much of the market got its start with traditional SG&A functions, and to a large extent, the current research is based on these functions and related processes. This study will be important, as it will uncover the trends related to specific industries and processes – which are often more integral parts of the business compared to SG&A functions. The findings will shed light on how the maturation of shared services and outsourcing are impacting the delivery of value more directly to enterprises.”

Sarah Clayton, global director of strategy for SSON observed that “given SSON’s global footprint with well over 40 flagship conferences focusing on shared services and outsourcing everywhere from Panama, Shanghai, London and Moscow to Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Bangalore, and Everest Group’s reputation for deep-dive industry insights, it was a logical decision for us to launch this groundbreaking survey together.”

SSON and Everest Group will publish and discuss the Vertical Industry Strategies in Shared Services and Outsourcing survey results in keynote addresses on the “State of the Union” at SSON flagship conferences throughout 2012. The two organizations will also share the survey results on their websites throughout next year.

Clayton said, “When we launch the survey in January 2012, we anticipate broad participation in this important initiative for the shared services and outsourcing community. We plan to have analysis completed by mid-February in time for SSON’s U.S. flagship conference in Orlando, Florida on March 7-9, 2012.”

Survey details will be available in early January 2012 on and

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You can follow and join the discussion regarding the survey on Twitter by using the hashtag #VISSSOS.

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