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What Makes Everest Group Different?

First and foremost, it’s the integrated power of our strategic problem-solving skills, deep functional expertise, services experience, and original research. No other firm has it

Our Focus Is You

We serve all members of the global services community - enterprises and their Global In-house Centers / Shared Services Centers, IT executives, strategic sourcing executives, service providers, and service enablers - providing the fact- and experience-based insights you need to make your most important decisions

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Our strategic consulting and sourcing advisory capabilities provide insights and expertise across the strategy, execution, and optimization needs of our clients



We deliver powerful, integrated, fact-based published research, backed by custom decision-support analysis, to help our clients find solutions to their most difficult business problems


Market Insights are infographics of the latest trends in global serivces Market Insights

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Latest thought leadership from Everest Group management consulting and research experts Blog

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Race to Reality: Full Contact Center Automation vs Fully Automated Cars

The contact center industry is changing considerably due to technology enablement. Contact center automation is rapidly becoming a priority as centers increasingly embrace technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, robotic process automation (RPA), and robotic desktop automation (RDA) to handle customer interactions on rote queries like account balances, package tracking, and reservation confirmations.

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Digital transformation analytics roadmap blog

How to Construct a Digital Transformation Analytics Roadmap

Is data really the new oil fueling digital transformation? Absolutely. A company’s ability to make fast-paced, meaningful decisions in a volatile business environment is key to competitive differentiation. Indeed, industry leading enterprises are using data and analytics to adapt to dynamic market conditions, drive continuous innovation, and accelerate the speed of doing business.

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Latecomers Beware: How Artificial Intelligence Spawns the Next Largest Divide

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is spawning the next largest divide and latecomers must beware. As science fiction author William Gibson so eloquently put it, “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.”
AI is undoubtedly the big story of this decade and the next. Organizations everywhere are enchanted with the notion of using AI to improve everything from customer experience to identifying new market opportunities.

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Everest Group Events

ProcureCon IT Sourcing Conference — June 18-20

Everest Group leaders and experts will be in attendance at our booth, and Everest Group will host an interactive round table session during the event. More details will be added soon around attendees and booth space location.

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SIG Western Regional Event — May 16

Research VP Shirley Hung will be a featured presenter at the SIG Western Regional Event held on May 16 in Washington. Shirley will discuss the latest research and data from Everest Group in a presentation titled “Everything Sourcing Leaders Need to Know about Customer Experience Outsourcing in 2019”

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