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Everest Group is a research firm that applies research to people’s day-to-day business problems. We help business leaders confidently navigate today’s market challenges, driving maximized operational and financial performance and transformative experiences.

Our deep expertise and tenacious research focused on technology, business processes, and engineering through the lenses of talent, sustainability, and sourcing delivers precise and action-oriented guidance.

Our problem-solving, forward-looking approach is designed around your journey, so you can make better business decisions.

Generative AI | Discover Technology's Next Frontier

Everest Group is the resource you need keep up with the transformative technology of Generative AI and how it is rapidly affecting business and how people work.

Get access to our most up-to-date Generative AI insights (#EverestGroupGAI) to understand its profound impact and how it is evolving industries – and learn how your business needs to be positioned to benefit.

Our latest thinking

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Generative AI Will Redefine Sustainability Services Revolutionizing the Industry with Its EPIC Potential
Market Insights

Generative AI Will Redefine Sustainability Services, Revolutionizing the Industry with Its Epic Potential | Market Insights™

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Marketing in 2024: Findings from our CMO Priorities Survey | Webinar

How we guide your journey with strategic research insights


Gain advantage through access. Our members benefit from a combination of published research, data sets, assessments, insights, and analyst inquiries. Through this access, our clients become some of the most sophisticated leaders in the world.

Custom decision support

Move forward with clear action. When you need a light-touch engagement designed to give you insights to solve your problem or capitalize on an opportunity – we have your back.

Published research
Build a case, substantiate, and validate. Companies across industries rely on our high-value reports informed by industry-leading analytics and analysts to guide their strategies.
Engage conferences
Everest Group’s problem-solving annual conference tackles business challenges from emerging technology and market trends to the economy and workplace cultures. Join us to uncover the most impactful opportunities so you can confidently seize them.

What our clients say

Fact-based perspectives

Everest Group is the #1 BPO research firm in the world, bar none. You take all the puzzle pieces – and it is a very puzzling and complex world we live in these days – and fit them all together for us.

– VP of External Partners COE, insurance firm

Connected and influential

Is it too forward to tell you that after only a quick skim of this information, I want to cry tears of joy? Others told us they couldn’t get the information and to go away – this is incredibly valuable information to use with our executives.

– VP of Market Intelligence and Insights, technology company

Bullet-proof recommendations

You exceeded our expectations. You really understood our context very quickly. It was clear that you went to a great level of granularity in your analysis. We liked how you provided quantitative supporting evidence to give us comfort in making the right decision. Really difficult to argue against. Great job.

– Supply Excellence Executive, Fortune 100 Equipment Manufacturer

Passionate expertise

I was extremely impressed with the work – the team knocked it out of the park. Thanks for the excellent partnership.

– Head of Global Sourcing, top 10 financial services firm

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