Price Benchmark Catalog

price benchmarking

Price Benchmark Catalog

Enterprises and service providers alike use our contextualized live-deals benchmarks in contract arbitration and active negotiation situations. And now, these normalized pricing benchmarks are available in the form of a twice-annually updated catalog and supported by best-in-class added insights and analyses that address key factors that impact price contracting situations.

This catalog represents the most comprehensive repository of resource and geography combinations in the global services industry. It serves as a one-stop source of metrics, insights, and on-call Subject Matter Expert (SME) access

ITO Services Benchmarks

35,000+ contemporary data points (<18 months old), covering up to 34 key locations

  • Application Development & Maintenance (separate benchmarks for Generic, Specialist, Premium and Niche skills)
  • Testing
  • Systems Integration (separate benchmarks for Generic, Specialist, Premium and Niche skills)
  • Consulting
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Services (Service Desk, Private Cloud, Database Management, Storage Management, etc.)
BPO Services Benchmarks

20,000+ contemporary data points (<18 months old), covering up to 17 key locations

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Procurement Outsourcing
  • Contact Center Outsourcing
  • HR Outsourcing
  • Healthcare (Payer) BPO
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Pharma BPO
  • Marketing & Legal BPO

Sample Outputs

Price Benchmark Catalog sample output

Price Benchmark Catalog sample output

Benchmarks at your fingertips

Get virtually any price benchmark you need immediately with Everest Group’s Price Benchmark Catalog – a comprehensive directory of roles and resource units for 30+ major onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations

Complimentary Value Add: Get Behind the Numbers with Additional Data Insights

The Price Benchmark Catalog subscription includes customized analysis by function, providing decision-support insights on issues such as:

  • Price variation by volume
  • Price variation by SLA
  • Continuous Improvement charters
  • Best-in-class staffing pyramids and offshore ratios
  • Best-in-class effort ratios
  • Price variation by city tiers
  • Guidance on governance and other overhead fees
  • Skills classification and associated price premiums

Sample Analyses (Complimentary Value Add)

CIS pricing comparison

(1) Pricing Analysis

Price premiums by city type (tier-1, tier-2/3), and price variation by volume, service level, and effort ratio, to help you to align benchmarks to your specific deals

(2) Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis

Continuous improvement charters, COLA, Forex clauses, governance overheads, staffing mix, and degree of offshoring can help clients compare their contractual TCO with best-in-class benchmarks

continuous improvement charter
Australia | Local and landed resource mix

(3) Delivery & Staffing Model Analysis

Knowledge of local/landed resources ratios, market standard job descriptions, and experience levels ensures confident contract negotiations

While the subscription catalog will keep you up to date on the majority of your contracted scope, we can assist with any specific/niche/emerging needs through a custom engagement.