Other Offerings

Account Intelligence, Transaction Intelligence, and other offerings which may fit your need in a specific situation

There’s More?

Yes, beyond the capabilities described in other areas, we have additional offerings and capabilities which may be relevant in specific situations. Further, the richness of our datasets and flexibility of our problem-solving, allows us to tailor an approach to almost any client need

Account Intelligence

Need to understand the details of how organizations are sourcing and delivering their global services? Account Intelligence is a unique methodology that utilizes data sources other than our proprietary RFI data to help unlock tactical insights into the current landscape of an account




Market Intelligence

Our on-line tool of publicly announced outsourcing transactions allows organizations to find details about transactions by company, industry, geography, function, and more. Containing over 27,000 transactions, the tool provides valuable insights for planning sales efforts and understanding upcoming renewals



Global Sourcing Risk Radar

The global services market is fraught with uncertainty – political crises, natural disasters, currency fluctuations, service provider events. Global Sourcing Risk Radar provides the insight to effectively monitor, manage, and mitigate the risk in your global sourcing portfolio




Customize to Meet Your Needs

Our research is based upon a wealth of data sets and methodologies plus associated expertise that can be used to meet a variety of needs – across enterprises, service providers, investors, economic development agencies, and others. Speak with us to explain your particular needs and determine whether we might be able to assist



Strategy, Execution & Optimization

Everest Group’s consulting practice provides clients with services to achieve major performance breakthroughs in the following key areas:

  • Strategy: Insight to help clients conceive and devise plans that achieve performance breakthroughs
  • Execution: Driving insight to action – with speed to impact and thought to repercussions
  • Optimization: Insight and grit to guide you in unleashing your company’s value


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