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Lowering Costs by Implementing a Location Strategy

Sakshi Garg, Vice President

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Case study: leveraging data to create a future-looking locations strategy


The client was a large financial services company with a global footprint


The client wanted to reduce cost and plan its future locations strategy

Unique Aspects

The project included peer-based evaluations and took an extremely granular view of each process


Because the project was data- and fact-based, all stakeholders quickly got on board with what ultimately became a three-year plan

Onshore, nearshore, or offshore?

As global service delivery models have matured, hundreds of onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations have emerged and matured. Each has unique attributes in terms of cost structures, talent markets, and risk profiles. As the recognized leader in service delivery locations, we provide a range of services from access to data and insights to location selection and portfolio optimization.

Our locations offerings

Advanced locations analysis

Service delivery leaders need to select locations, balance portfolios, proactively monitor location developments, and determine optimal work geographies. Our Advanced Locations Tool tracks locations trends and offers data and insights needed to make work placement decisions.

Location optimization

Locations is no longer just about where; it's also about who and how. Our unparalleled location datasets and expertise help you with virtually any service delivery location issues – selection, sustainability, portfolio balancing, and more. 

Our latest thinking

Enterprises Are Re-evaluating Their Locations Strategies
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Enterprises Are Re-evaluating Their Locations Strategies

Market Insights™
Market Insights™

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