79% of Executives Attend Global Events to Learn from Real Case Studies, 55% Also Cite Networking with Peers—Everest Group

‘Everest Group Engage’ will be held September 30 – October 2 at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel. The theme of the conference is “The Pragmatic Edge: Designing Your Future.”

DALLAS, May 30, 2024 — When business executives take the time to attend a global conference, two objectives outweigh all the rest: they want to learn from real case studies and network with peers. This is according to a poll conducted by Everest Group to inform the planning for its

Everest Group polled a cross-section of potential attendees from top-tier organizations and asked them what motivated them to attend a global conference. Seventy-nine percent listed “learning from real case studies” as a primary objective, and the second highest response at 55% was “meeting and networking with peers.”

“Everest Group Engage” will be held September 30 – October 2 at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel. The theme of the conference is “The Pragmatic Edge: Designing Your Future.” The agenda is designed to help C-suite leaders and teams in global business services, sourcing and vendor management, and shared services operate at peak productivity and efficiency.

“We’ve taken this voice of our customer to heart in building the agenda for Everest Group Engage,” said Mark Fissell, senior vice president of Global Events at Everest Group. “One sentiment that came through loud and clear in our polling is that executives want to hear detailed case studies that share what other enterprise leaders have tried, what’s working, and what lessons have been learned in practical implementation. And, of course, they are keenly interested in the perspectives of our analysts, who have their finger on the pulse of practical implementations and trends from their work with thousands of enterprises across the globe. Our goal with Everest Group Engage is for every attendee to leave Dallas this September armed with the information they were seeking as well as some impactful insights they weren’t expecting.”

*** Explore the Everest Group Engage agenda now at https://events.everestgrp.com/engage2024/agenda ***

In terms of which type of sessions executives find most valuable, the executives polled by Everest Group said they receive the most value from analyst presentations and enterprise case studies. “Roundtables with peers who share the same roles and responsibilities” was by far the preferred networking opportunity, cited by 78% of respondents.

The top “must-have topics” ranked by the respondents included:

  • Practical uses for AI and emerging technologies to increase output and efficiency
  • The emerging GBS and sourcing operating models that are positively impacting top- and bottom-line
  • Cost optimization and avoidance plans
  • Engaging and aligning to CEO priorities
  • Aligning resourcing models (humans and technology) with breakthrough practices
  • Managing change and stakeholders
  • Developing your team/organization
  • Future trends in locations and talent
  • Partnering with service providers to drive innovation
  • Pricing trends for 2025

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