Unlocking Digital Workplace Opportunities in 2023 | Episode 2: Case for Metaverse Business Opportunities

Watch the second episode in the new video series, Unlocking Digital Workplace Opportunities, as Everest Group’s Udit Singh, Practice Director, and Prabhneet Kaur, Senior Analyst, explore metaverse business opportunities. There is a lot of commotion and confusion in the market around the metaverse, but businesses should also consider the business case and the logic behind their metaverse strategies. Currently, metaverse business opportunities are proving to be difficult to uncover. Businesses should look at metaverse business opportunities in more of a value-based way and create metaverse strategies that focus on specific business cases over the long term. Discover more about metaverse business opportunities in the webinar: What to Expect from the Metaverse in 2023: Moving Beyond Hype. Discover more Everest Group technology insights.

Learn more https://www.everestgrp.com/unlocking-digital-workplace-opportunities-in-2023/

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