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Digital Experience Membership

Everest Group’s Digital Experience Services program provides ongoing coverage of critical elements of digital customer experience trends, stakeholder experience, customer journey management, identifying market metrics, adoption trends, solution characteristics and trends, and opportunities that help our clients speed and improve decision-making.

The interactive experience is not limited to the end-customer only, but includes employee, partner, and societal experiences. Companies that implement interactive experiences throughout the business model, for internal and customer-facing purposes, can boost engagement and productivity for employees and build awareness of the brand’s impact on the outside world.

With interactive experience strategy, consulting, and design services, and the opportunity to explore the myriad of interactive experience technology services segments, including platform and digital product development, companies can rely on Everest Group from program initiation to long-term success.

We deliver value through a series of market analyses, provider assessments, and thought leadership, as well as access to our leading experts for clarification, discussion, and guidance.

Digital Experience Coverage

We help IT leaders gain a holistic, business-first understanding of the operating elements they need to succeed through Digital Experience insights including a combination of published reports, analytics, assessments, and on-demand interactions.

Our research covers digital customer experience trends including digital experience platforms, privacy, state of the market, and others.

Members have unlimited access for their IT team members, as well as other Technology and Digital Experience service-related roles in their business, regardless of location.

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Included in your membership

Pinnacle Model®

Compare outsourcing strategies and benchmark against peers to maximize your enterprise's impact.


Case studies, tools, and diagnostics to help you assess strategies and approaches and speed efforts to focus on critical areas.

State of the market reports

Analysis and thought leadership on market growth, trends, emerging solution models, and service provider developments.

Analyst inquiry and data cuts

Access to leading experts for clarification, discussion, and debate; information and data extracts from our published research databases.

How we're different

Actionable insights

Our analysis offers the pragmatic insights you need to maximize impact and recommends best practices to build capabilities and accelerate adoption.

Dedicated focus

Research on the role of IT / Interactive Experience services in the delivery of services across information technology, business process, and engineering services.


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