Strategic Engagement Review

A holistic view of an outsourcing solution across scope of services, performance measures, contractual terms, governance and the economic model

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Strategic Engagement Review (SER)

While benchmarking is often used for addressing the cost component of outsourcing relationships, buyers are increasingly realizing that a more holistic approach is required to capture an accurate view of the full value of outsourcing relationships. Everest Group’s Strategic Engagement Review (SER) offering helps organizations capture enhanced value from their outsourcing relationship through a comprehensive evaluation framework

Our Approach

Everest Group’s SER evaluates all components of an outsourcing relationship with the aim to create strategic impact beyond cost reduction.

  • Solution review: Assess the overall outsourcing solution for optimal design and highlight areas for improvement compared to market practices
  • Contract assessment: Review contract sub-elements and identify areas for improvement when compared to the most competitive norms
  • Cost and price benchmarking: Baseline the as-is and best-in class contract elements and benchmark with industry norms. We do not perform “one-size-fits-all” benchmarking, but normalize the underlying elements for accurate “apples-to-apples” comparison
  • Delivery metrics: Assess operational metrics that directly impact productivity and pricing arrangements such as staffing mix, rate premiums, COLA, etc., to identify win-win solutions for both buyer and service provider
  • Overall implications: Develop actionable recommendations based on insights from each of the above four assessment dimensions with the goal of improving the overall outsourcing relationship.

The end-deliverable is a comprehensive document that provides an integrated view beyond tactical cost/price benchmarking and helps create more value in the existing outsourcing relationship.


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