Strategic Engagement Review™

Aligning the “Optimize and Transform” objectives of an enterprise and service provider involved in a mutually strategic relationship

price benchmarking

Why is a relationship review important?

In an increasingly dynamic market, it’s important for enterprises and their key providers to periodically calibrate performance versus (changing) expectations to stay ahead of the curve and maximize on win-win opportunities

Any strategic relationship should rest on a highly optimized contractual bedrock comprising of the underlying solution, operational metrics, service performance, terms & conditions, governance, and the overall economic model. In addition, it’s necessary to evaluate digital-led transformation opportunities for disruptive benefits and relationship sustainability

On an average, Strategic Engagement Reviews (SERs) have yielded tangible TCV optimization of 18-24% in IT-BPO contracts while offering a clear roadmap for transformation-led opportunities

*Based on SERs conducted by Everest Group in the last 24 months

The end-deliverable is a comprehensive document that provides an integrated view beyond tactical cost/price benchmarking and helps create more value in the existing outsourcing relationship.


Roster of recent Strategic Engagement Reviews (SERs)

Download a roster highlighting some of our recent SERs


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