Services Strategy Benchmarking

An integrated view of services scope, locations, costs, sourcing and other factors

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Services Strategy Benchmarking

There are many levers that can be used to optimize the impact of a service delivery model – the scope of services, locations, sourcing models, costs, and other factors. Increasingly sophisticated organizations are seeking to refine their services strategy and understand how their current strategy compares to the market is a helpful step to identify opportunities and gaps

Our Solution Approach

Everest Group can help evaluate a services strategy across multiple dimensions and the intersection of those dimensions. Although the exact dimensions are calibrated to a client’s specific situation, the most common are described below.

Common questions clients wish to explore through a benchmark of their services strategy are:
  • Are there opportunities to increase the scope of work delivered through our global delivery model? In which specific areas?
  • Are we placing the right work in the right locations and sourcing models?
  • Is our portfolio overly concentrated in too few locations? Or too fragmented in how we have allocated work?
  • How are we using outsourcing and/or Global In-house Centers (GICs) within our portfolio compared to market trends?
  • Can we manage the resources and infrastructure differently to further lower costs? What are the trade-offs?
  • Is our approach to managing global delivery sufficiently integrated to capture benefits and manage relevant risks?
  • Are we approaching talent in a manner which will meet our objectives for sustainability and value?
  • What changes are needed in our talent strategy to support our overall global services strategy?

We have assisted many of the world’s leading organizations in identifying opportunities to capture more value while better managing risk. Our fact-based analysis and unparalleled insight into global delivery models are a critical input to evolving your strategy.


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