Our industry-leading analysis can help you benchmark services – prices for outsourced services, contracts and service levels, global delivery models, and more

Domain expertise in pricing, locations, GICs and service delivery technologies

Why Benchmark?

Knowing that a metric is different than market is somewhat helpful. Knowing why the metric is different is very helpful. We use our leading analytics to peel the onion and uncover the “whys” in order to help our clients be able to practically act on important findings

Price benchmarking

Price Benchmarking

Our industry-leading analysis helps clients benchmark prices and contracts for a wide array of services from contact center service IT to business processes – we utilize our leading analytics and expertise to uncover the drivers for pricing variations





Services strategy benchmarking icon

Services Strategy Benchmarking

Designing a robust strategy for delivering services can be challenging. What is the right mix of sourcing models, locations, technology, and other factors to provide the necessary capabilities while managing risks and complexity? Our holistic expertise across functions, sourcing models, and locations allows us to benchmark services strategies and identify opportunities for optimization and risk reduction



Strategic engagement review icon

Strategic Engagement Review

Although pricing is important, the true value of a global services engagement comes from a well calibrated solution, best in class performance measures, equitable contract terms, and robust governance and pricing models. We can help you align all these dimensions, and associated interdependencies, to craft an equitable contractual relationship



Skills portfolio rationalization

Enterprise Portfolio Rationalization

Enterprises typically wrestle with portfolio challenges that may involve multiple providers, locations, applications, resource nomenclatures, pricing models, delivery structures, and underlying contract terms. We can help standardize and rationalize your global services portfolio to plug value leakage and streamline governance




Provider Pursuit Support

Enterprises expect a clear and balanced mix of solutions, optimal pricing and equitable contracting when selecting service providers. Everest Group helps service providers clearly articulate all the key elements of a proposal in line with a specific client’s scope and situation



Everest Group's fact-based reports

Published Reports

Our PricePoint™ subscription offering provides ongoing analysis of the changes in pricing and the underlying drivers of movements in the pricing for outsourced services. Access to reports and our analysts is available as an annual subscription


The Everest Group Difference

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