Analyst Relations Newsletter Q1 2017 | Key Highlights from Custom Research

Key highlights from three recent custom research projects by Everest Group:

Case #1: Everest Group helped one of the largest healthcare services organizations develop its value proposition for a hyper cost take out initiative for the heal2) thcare payer market 

A leading healthcare services organization wanted to create a value proposition of cost reduction for its healthcare payer go-to-market approach. It also wanted Everest Group to prioritize a set of payers accounts to determine their favorability towards its value proposition.

Everest Group solution: Everest Group used a mix of primary and secondary research in addition to in-house SME input to create a value proposition of cost reduction in the healthcare payer space. Everest Group created thought leadership content to create awareness about a hyper cost takeout initiative that build potential cost models of taking an as-a-service approach for the entire IT + operations stack. To determine favorability, Everest Group analyzed 20+ accounts on parameters such as financial health, technical debt, outsourcing maturity, and CXO focus. Based on these parameters, Everest Group created a scoring model to build an account prioritization list for the services firm to focus on

Case #2: Everest Group helped a global IT services player to develop a thought leadership framework that establishes enablers of innovation in application services and create thought leadership content assets

A leading global IT services player sought Everest Group’s help in doing the following:

  • Develop a thought leadership framework that establishes enablers of innovation in Application Services (AS)
  • Validating the competitive advantage created by it’s innovation DNA for application services
  • Develop objective thought leadership content asset(s) used by the IT player with external / internal audiences

Everest Group solution: Everest Group conducted focused market research with over 100 senior applications services executives (including CxOs) in North America to achieve the following objectives:

  • Validate the relative importance of the different enablers of innovation
  • Understand perceptions regarding the ability of different service providers to deliver innovation
  • Analyze the player and its leading competitors against the attributes defined in the innovation framework

Case #3: Everest Group helped a global insurance provider identify contact center outsourcing (CCO) service provider portfolio optimization opportunities

The client is a global provider of consumer insurance products, with customers and operations in all major geographies of the world and across dozens of countries. In an effort to optimize spend and achieve a strategic model that will support future business needs, the client asked Everest Group to map a set of possible CCO providers that could fulfill the client’s business and operational goals, both currently and in the future.

Our approach: Everest Group conducted a two-phase study, where the first phase sought to understand the client’s current operational footprint and provided a consolidated inside-out view of the client’s global CCO activities. This phase also allowed Everest Group to develop a detailed understanding of the client’s business requirements and customer support needs. In the second phase a careful screening of possible CCO providers was developed based on the learning from phase one, and the forward-looking perspective of how the client’s business realities might change.

Benefits to the client: Key outcomes from the project included a clarified view for the client of their own operations and spending profile, identification of possible best-fit CCO providers, and intelligence on the evolving CCO market that could benefit their own operations going forward. The client is now well-equipped to develop their own RFP for obtaining CCO services from the market.

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