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Everest Group’s Peter Bendor-Samuel Carries Warning to NASSCOM India Leadership Forum: Beware the Digital Trough! | Press Release

Everest Group CEO, research analysts, and other executives speak about digital adoption, service delivery automation, benchmarking, and other hot topics at upcoming sourcing events

While enterprises tend to be very optimistic about their digital initiatives early on in their digital adoption journey, enthusiasm often stalls as the going gets progressively tough, according to research conducted by Everest Group, a consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business services and sourcing.

At this year’s NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, Everest Group CEO Peter Bendor-Samuel will talk about this “trough” in digital adoption, explain why it happens, and suggest what enterprises and service providers must do differently to avoid derailing digital transformation journeys. Bendor-Samuel will lead the Analyst Corner session Beware the Digital Trough! at the NASSCOM event in Mumbai, India, on February 11.

On the same day in London, Sarah Burnett, research vice president (Europe), will lead the inaugural “Service Delivery Automation” Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting of the National Outsourcing Association.

Other Everest Group experts will be presenting at these upcoming events in February and March:


NOA Automation SIG — February 11, 2016 | Event

Over the past 12 months we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in the use of automation across business processes services globally, from both service providers and their clients.

Recent research conducted by Everest Group has demonstrated that levels of understanding vary hugely across the automation space; when the outsourcing industry is asked what it knows about automation, responses range from advanced levels of understanding to “absolutely no idea.”

On 11th February 2016, members of the NOA will be presented with a valuable opportunity to learn more from those who have already implemented automation solutions, and a chance to gain some factual insight about the financial and operational outcomes.

If automation is not currently part of your sourcing strategy, it soon will be!

Join the NOA and Everest Group in the very first Service Delivery Automation SIG to be informed and share experiences about this very real, very current catalyst to change that is facing the business services market.

Speakers will include: Sarah Burnett, Vice President, Everest Group. Learn more.

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