Sourcing Professionals Face Increasing Complexity as Stakes Rise, Driving Changes at Everest Group | Press Release

Everest Group expands and deepens research in PEAK Matrix™ to address needs of sourcing professionals as industry turbulence swells.

Sourcing professionals face formidable challenges in the global economy as 2018 approaches, and they are looking for better strategies in an industry experiencing unparalleled turbulence. To provide sourcing professionals with broader and deeper data and insights for decision-making, Everest Group is expanding its research efforts while consolidating a diverse portfolio of comparative analyses under its flagship PEAK Matrix™ brand.

Sourcing Complexity Soars

The sourcing industry is changing fast, disrupted by digital technologies, shifting talent requirements and evolving service provider capabilities. Moreover, fluctuating geopolitical and legislative issues are causing enterprises to rethink substantial, long-held sourcing strategies and provider relationships.

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In the midst of this complexity, buyers of global services require fact-based research that assesses a growing body of providers, locations, products and solutions in order to make the critical decisions that so often impact a company’s top-line, bottom-line and viability.

Everest Group Expands Comparative Analyses Offered Via PEAK Matrix

Responding to these needs, Everest Group has announced that it is doubling down on its commitment to provide fact-based comparative assessments. The firm is consolidating its comparative analysis offerings—previously offered under a variety of product names—under its flagship PEAK Matrix brand and is expanding the market segments addressed in its research to include new functions, processes and industry verticals that market is demanding.

Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix™ is well known in the industry as a proprietary framework for assessing service providers and categorizing them as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants. (Companies that demonstrate strong upward movement in successive reports are recognized as Star Performers.)

Now the PEAK Matrix framework will be applied to the relative positioning of other key global services players and functions, such as location talent and cost, technology vendors, and digital adoption maturity. The robust research methodology associated with Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix will remain; PEAK Matrix assessments are based on a diligent process of collecting, validating and analyzing data points as well as interactions with various market constituents that include providers, enterprises and industry/country associations.

“Making decisions in today’s rapidly changing global services market is growing more challenging —whether you are recompeting an outsourcing contract, selecting a location for a global in-house center, choosing a new product/solution, or contracting for new tech services,” said Eric Simonson, managing partner and head of research at Everest Group. “These decisions can significantly impact an organization’s performance and an executive’s career. So we are expanding our hallmark service provider PEAK Matrix assessments to include the other key players and functions that sourcing professionals must consider. For simplicity sake, this expanded portfolio of comparative assessments will fall under our PEAK Matrix brand, since it’s instantly recognized as the industry’s unbiased, non-pay-for-play assessment framework.”

****Learn more about the PEAK Matrix portfolio of assessments here***

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