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Our Cloud and Infrastructure services research helps enterprises mature their Information Technology operations in an era of relentless technology disruption

Cloud and IT infrastructure coverage

Our Cloud & Infrastructure Coverage

Our research analyzes the latest trends in Cloud and IT infrastructure services (e.g., private cloud implementation, SDX, as-a-service models, and next-generation IT operations) and helps enterprises make advantageous decisions on technology adoption, service delivery optimization, and service provider selection

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We offer an unparalleled depth of coverage in our fact-based and easy-to-digest reports on the cloud and infrastructure services. Access to reports and our analysts is available as an annual membership



benchmarking services from Everest Group


Our industry-leading analysis can help you benchmark cloud and infrastructure services – prices for outsourced services, contracts and service levels, global delivery models, and more




Location Optimization

Whether you are seeking to set-up a IT management delivery center or evaluate your current service delivery footprint of centers, we provide the data and expertise to help you make an informed investment decision



Peer Intelligence

Learning from the experiences and approaches of other organizations can help avoid costly mistakes and uncover new opportunities. Our peer intelligence capabilities help you validate and improve your strategies



Market Opportunity Assessment

The global services market is actually a combination of many smaller markets, which vary by function, geography, and industry. Service providers looking for opportunities to grow their business by entering new markets, use our datasets and expertise to provide the fact-base and insights to make informed investment decisions



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