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Join our virtual and in-person pricing events for a deeper level of expertise and data. Our pricing experts will discuss trends that ensure the price you pay matches the value you need without overpaying, or under-scoping.


09-12-2023_Current Solution Trends and Their Impact_GTP_1200x628

Current Solution Trends and Their Impact on Outsourcing Deals and Pricing

07 11 2023 Cyber Resiliency Strategy GTP 1200x628

Cyber Resiliency Strategy: Key Themes and Pricing Trends for 2023

Pricing and Outsourcing Trends 1200x628 Get the presentation

Pricing and Outsourcing Trends: Navigating Uncertainties in Services Sourcing from APAC

05 23 2023 The Six Key Pricing Themes Dominating 2023 GTP 1200x628

The Six Key Pricing Themes Dominating 2023

07-13-2023_The Pricing Index- Pivotal Themes_1200x628
LinkedIn Live

The Pricing Index: Pivotal Themes and What to Expect in the Next Year

04 26 2023 The Future of Retail and CPG 1200x628

The Future of Retail and CPG: Balancing Economics, Efficiency & Experience

Economic Environment Level 1280x628 2
LinkedIn Live

Will 2023’s Economic Environment Level Outsourcing Price Increases?

eWorld Procurement Conference 01 18 2023 1

Avoid Over-paying for Services as the Talent Crisis Stabilises

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