Outsourcing Suppliers in Emerging Markets Helping Firms Expand Global Footprint, Diversify Risks | Press Release

DALLAS ─  An important breed of ‘emerging market suppliers,’ delivering outsourced services from promising global sourcing locations, are gaining traction with organizations seeking to mitigate risks through expanded global sourcing networks, according to Everest, a global consulting and research firm. A new, complimentary study by Everest examines six ‘must-know’ suppliers with roots in six growing markets: Brazil, Central and Eastern Europe, Israel, Mexico, Philippines and South Africa. A one-hour Webinar will be held Dec. 10, 9 a.m. CST, to present study findings and insights.

In the study, Emerging Market Suppliers: A Valuable Lever for Risk Diversification, Everest examines key emerging market suppliers that have achieved meaningful operating scale and, through investments in delivery capabilities and adopting industry best practices, are successfully serving Global 1000 corporations. Furthermore, these suppliers are no longer confined to their ‘home’ countries and have augmented their delivery footprints by adding additional onshore, nearshore or offshore locations.

Suppliers profiled in the study are CPM Braxis (Brazil), EPAM Systems (Central and Eastern Europe), Ness Technologies (Israel), Softtek (Mexico), SPi Global Solutions (Philippines) and Merchants (South Africa).

“Recent world events, supplier scandals and other factors have prompted organizations to take more sophisticated approaches to risk management that go beyond performance management of their engagements. Now, they are considering the entire sourcing ecosystem, as well as a collective portfolio of suppliers, to not only diversify locations but also meet increased demands for global services delivery networks,” said Amneet Singh, Vice President, Global Sourcing.

“Over the past five years, emerging suppliers, such as the ones we profile in the study, have become strong, viable options for companies seeking to diversify their supplier and delivery location portfolios,” noted Jimit Arora, Research Director. “Organizations should seriously evaluate these suppliers as they consider sourcing from these emerging geographies”.

The Webinar will be held Dec. 10 at 9 a.m. CST; 10 a.m. EST; 3 p.m. GMT Standard Time; 8:30 p.m. India Time. To register, please visit: research.everestgrp.com/Events/Webinars.

The complimentary study, Emerging Market Suppliers: A Valuable Lever for Risk Diversification, is available at research.everestgrp.com. For information Everest’s research services, please e-mail [email protected] or call +1-214-451-3110.

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