New Everest Group Subscription Offers Easy Access to Research, Expertise on Service Optimization Technologies | Press Release

Everest Group—a consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, and sourcing—today announced the launch of its Service Optimization Technologies (SOT) research subscription. This subscription equips organizations with easy access to an extensive and modern portfolio of Everest Group research on SOT and best practices for adopting SOT to improve business process services (BPS) and information technology services (ITS).

SOT research covers current and impactful technologies such as robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, analytics and Internet of Things.

“These new technologies are rapidly evolving, and they’re dramatically changing the service delivery landscape, enhancing BPS and ITS services, and disrupting the market,” said Sarah Burnett, vice president of research at Everest Group. “Our body of research on Service Optimization Technologies arms organizations with a deeper understanding of the industry landscape, the technologies themselves and best practices for implementation and value optimization. It’s the information organizations need to capitalize on SOT for competitive advantage.”

Everest Group SOT research subscription offers buyers, service providers and enablers a wide range of research content:

  • For the buyer community this includes technology vendor and service provider capability assessments, partnerships, commercial models, deployment characteristics, adoption trends and use cases.
  • For technology vendors and service providers this includes insights into market developments and trends, market sizing, including buyer size and region, contract and contract scope details, shifts in operational and commercial models, and vendor and provider capabilities and performance.

The research also addresses key hot topics, including impact of external developments on the market.

The SOT subscription includes these recent reports:

Everest Group subscription services are offered in 12-month terms and are valid for an entire organization, with no limits to the number of individuals within the organization who can access the materials via an interactive web site. In addition, subscriptions may include other services and support, such as data cuts/analysis, workshops and inquiries with analysts. The combination of research and analyst access equips organizations with the data and insight needed to make smart business decisions

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