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Engineering service providers who demonstrated critical capabilities to enterprises over the past pivotal year are now being recognized for their leadership with the 2022 PEAK Matrix Service Provider of the Year™ awards in engineering services. Read on to find out who’s providing the top engineering services based on Everest Group research.   

Enterprises are accelerating their build of digital platforms and will continually evolve them, creating the need for more and more engineering and IT talent. 2021 proved to be a crucial year for the Engineering R&D (ER&D) industry, as many service providers demonstrated their abilities to enterprises in integrating software and next-generation technologies. During this time, a few engineering service providers stood out as top providers.

We have narrowed down the top 15 services providers and five leading challengers for the inaugural 2022 PEAK Matrix Service Provider of the Year awards in engineering services.

State of the ER&D industry

In 2021, the digitalization wave across industries compelled enterprises to integrate software and next-generation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and 5G, in their products and offerings.

The need to achieve this while accelerating time-to-market and keeping costs under control added significant pressure on enterprises’ engineering teams. Leading service providers responded and tailored their offerings to make software more central to their portfolios.

As enterprises engaged providers to help them keep pace with rapidly increasing demand and ever-evolving customer expectations, providers became ever more essential to the ER&D process and the product lifecycle, helping enterprises access skilled talent at scale, enhance business resiliency, and reduce time-to-market, all while keeping a lid on costs.

Who did it best

The PEAK Matrix Provider of the Year awards helps enterprises identify leading service providers who have demonstrated strong capabilities and market success across multiple engineering domains.

This year’s results are based on assessments from five PEAK Matrix® reports published by Everest Group from October 2020 to September 2021 that looked at the following key themes influencing ER&D over that period:

  • Industry 4.0 services
  • Software products engineering
  • Semiconductor engineering
  • Autonomous, connected, electric, and shared (ACES) automotive engineering
  • 5G engineering services

The Engineering Services PEAK Matrix Provider of the Year awards were determined by consolidating tiered scores for Leader, Major Contender, Aspirant, and Star Performer positions across each of the individual evaluations mentioned above. The two award categories are:

  • ES Top 15: Engineering service providers with the highest consolidated scores based on the evaluation
  • ES Top 5 Challengers: The next five top engineering services providers who are credible partners for enterprises and are positioning themselves as rivals to leading players

See the 2022 ES Top 15 and Top 5 Challengers

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