Which Enterprises Reap the Best ROI on RPA and How? Everest Group Provides Answers | Press Release

Everest Group reports that RPA Pinnacle Enterprises are realizing a 50% improvement in operational metrics through RPA implementation and 30% cost savings through RPA investments.

Everest Group has identified the global enterprises who are leading the way in the journey to adopt Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Nine organizations among 52 Fortune 1000 enterprises assessed by Everest Group have achieved superior business outcomes because of their advanced RPA capabilities and have been deemed RPA Pinnacle Enterprises™ by the firm.

Everest Group reports that as a group these Pinnacle Enterprises significantly exceed other enterprises in three key outcome areas:

  • Cost impact: Pinnacle Enterprises generated four times the return on investment and three times the resource capacity compared to other enterprises.
  • Operational impact: Pinnacle Enterprises, on average, have achieved 50 percent improvement in operational metrics through RPA implementation, compared to 30 percent by other enterprises.
  • Business impact: A significantly higher share of Pinnacle Enterprises have generated “high impact” in strategic areas such as customer experience and time to market.

Everest Group studied the RPA adoption journey of 52 Fortune 1000 enterprises, examining five key capability areas for RPA—vision and strategy, implementation, organization and talent, technology, and resourcing. Everest Group also examined three key types of outcomes—cost, operational, and business. In an analysis of the correlation between capabilities and outcomes, the Pinnacle Enterprises rose to the top.

“RPA is beginning to make its mark on nearly every vertical, and although many organizations are still in the early stages of RPA adoption, those whom we identify as Pinnacle Enterprises are clearly excelling in the adoption journey and reaping superior outcomes,” said Michel Janssen, chief research guru at Everest Group. “By examining what these Pinnacle Enterprises have in common, we are able to glean for other organizations valuable insights on how to succeed, whether they desire to make incremental changes or achieve major transformations.”

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Everest Group is hosting a complimentary webinar, “Top 5 RPA Myths Dispelled | Insights from our RPA Pinnacle Model™ Analysis,” on Thursday, April 12, at 9 a.m. CST. During this webinar, Everest Group experts will explain:

  • What differentiates RPA Pinnacle Enterprises™ from their peers
  • The implications for RPA adoption in your enterprise
  • How to begin the journey to drive RPA adoption within your organization

“Our Pinnacle Model analyses show organizations exactly who is succeeding and how,” adds Sakshi Garg, practice director at Everest Group. “One of the most valuable aspects of this research is that we are able to identify ‘journey accelerators,’ which are specific methods organizations can use to accelerate their RPA adoption journey. Armed with clear points of comparison and insightful recommendations, organizations are better equipped to prioritize where to invest their time and resources and plan their own path to the top.”

About the Pinnacle Model

Everest Group’s proprietary Pinnacle Model™ analyses, which include input from executives from leading Fortune 1000 companies, compare internal capabilities to desired business outcomes, such as disrupting the industry, improving customer experiences, increasing market share, and launching innovative products and services. By highlighting what the best—Pinnacle Enterprises™—are doing, these performance studies help organizations plot a journey from their current position to where they want to go, prioritize investments of time and resources for maximum impact, and accelerate change.

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