Digital transformation isn’t about technology; it’s about plotting your journey​

Define and execute the right, realistic strategy for your organization

Is your digital transformation strategy successful?

As you are keenly aware, today’s business climate requires enterprises to embrace successful digital transformation strategies.

The stage is set. New entrants into the market that were born digital are disrupting once-stable industries. Customers demand updated digital experiences. Fast-moving traditional businesses are transforming at a rate that enables them to compete with the disruptors and requires their competitors to respond. Digital transformation is no longer a luxury or differentiator – but a requirement to compete.

Our digital transformation offerings

Digital transformation strategy development

We help organizations define and execute their strategies to efficiently and effectively take advantage of the opportunities presented by new technologies and innovations to deliver enduring competitive advantage.

Digital transformation series | Pinnacle Assessments™

Our analysts engage to convert raw data into deep insights – customized to your specific context – to support your transformation/modernization journey.

Joint design sourcing strategy and advisory

We identify the right set of execution partners that offer the skills and integrated capabilities you need to keep up with stakeholder demands and deliver sustained business results.

IT & Digital Transformation membership
Information and insights about current and anticipated trends in traditional and next-gen IT services across geographies, industries, and locations. Designed for executives driving business outcomes.
IT-focused research and analysis

We offer fact-based analysis and expertise on current and anticipated trends in global IT services across all major IT functions to help you capture value from your IT services suite.

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Only 10% of Organizations Say They're Ready for Digital Transformation

Cecilia Edwards, Partner

Are you ready? After surveying IT Leaders at more than 200 companies, we have insights to help you succeed at transformation.


Success on a digital transformation journey

The elements of success for a digital transformation journey are broader than the successful implementation of technology. A good digital transformation strategy will enable your organization to address all parts of the business and delivery model that require change, including:

  • Business processes: the way you develop your strategy, fund, and govern your initiatives can either impede or enable success
  • Sales and delivery: having an impact on how an enterprise sells and delivers to the end customer is at the heart of digital transformation
  • Culture: outdated mindsets and historical modes of operation frequently conflict with what is required to perform at the speed of digital
  • IT delivery model­: while digital transformation strategies are not all about technology, having an IT delivery model that is aligned with the demands of an agile, as-a-Service business environment in critical
  • Innovation: the ability to both innovate and adopt innovation is more challenging than one would imagine in businesses that previously succeeded on quality and efficiency dimensions
  • Talent model: a digital world requires different skills and different ways in which people work together to accomplish tasks

A series of journeys

Digital transformation readiness

Your IT organization must be ready to reinvent the enterprise through digital technology that dramatically alters your customers’ experience and business processes. This requires you to reinvent your IT organization.

Next-gen infrastructure

All enterprises hoping to compete in the digital transformation era have a common imperative: find and deploy the right infrastructure strategy even as you simultaneously leverage numerous transformational technologies.

RPA adoption

Breaking out of the pilot phase is a critical milestone along the RPA journey - and there are advantages to starting early that can make a big difference today and lay the foundation for even greater value in the future.

With you on the journey

Ways to engage with us

Data, insights, and benchmarks

For those with the resources and skills to advance their journeys, yet would benefit from external intelligence and expertise to inform their strategies.

Strategic workshops

For those who need an intense effort to develop a strategy or make a decision in an accelerated period of time.

Guided execution

For those who can design and drive their journey but need consistent support in advancing outcomes.

Dedicated consulting support

For those who may not have the expertise or resources to navigate portions of their journey.

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