Companies Using Offshoring to Drive Benefits Beyond Labor Arbitrage | Press Release

DALLAS – The consumer electronics industry is intensely competitive. As a result, companies are under constant pressure to focus on cost efficiency and drive products and services innovation. Consumer electronics companies are increasingly using offshore partnerships to drive benefits beyond labor arbitrage. They are leveraging offshoring to drive competitive advantage by tapping into specialized skills and expertise offered by developing economies in Asia, Africa and Latin America. These companies have benefited by improving their operating performance and also have successfully created a platform to expedite their market entry and growth in these emerging markets.

The objectives of this study are to analyze outsourcing and offshoring activity, examine sourcing models and functional scope across leading consumer electronics companies, and capture emerging global sourcing trends within the vertical.

In this study, Offshoring and Outsourcing Trends in Consumer Electronics, we focus on:

  • Outsourcing contracts and trends in transaction announcement activity
  • Sourcing models adopted by consumer electronics companies
  • Services scope, geographic focus, and sourcing portfolios of consumer electronics majors
  • Supplier landscape with focus on Engineering services and product development
  • Maximizing value from outsourcing & offshoring

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