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CFOs Have More Ability to Invest in Digital Now than during Pandemic | In the News

Business leaders are looking to digital transformation as a key priority as they battle high inflation and changing macroeconomic conditions.

More than 70% of CFOs now recognize the need to leverage digital technologies to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and stakeholder experience, according to the 2022 Global CFO survey conducted by Everest Group and supported by business process management company WNS holdings.

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IT-BPM Drives Inclusive Economic Growth | In the News

As pointed out by an Everest Group Study conducted for the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), as the usage of alternate channels such as social media, mobile, web, and chat proliferates and experiences enabled by data and analytics becomes the norm, contact centers are taking up the role of customer experience hubs.

Another acceleration lever suggested in the Everest Group study is to enhance the focus on creating awareness through marketing efforts to scale the outreach of educational programs and other training initiatives.

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How Intelligent Document Processing Can Drive Efficiency for Enterprises | In the News

A number of enterprises already use intelligent data processing to streamline business processes at a faster speed and at lower cost. As the volume of information increases and the need to perform analytics on it grows, more companies will resort to AI-driven solutions such as IDP.

The global IDP market alone, estimated at USD $700-750 million in 2020, is expected to grow at a rate of 55-65% throughout 2022, according to Everest Group. This trend is being driven by the significant cost benefits of the technology, combined with improved operational efficiency and productivity.

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What Is Confidential Computing? | In the News

Today’s tech industry must always stay a step ahead of attackers. Confidential computing is part of that conversation, but as with the edge, there is some confusion over what it actually means.

“While the adoption of confidential computing is in the relatively nascent stage, our research reveals growth potential not only for enterprises consuming it but also for the technology and service providers enabling it,” said Abhishek Mundra, Practice Director at Everest Group.

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Always on Call: How to Avoid an IT Meltdown | In the News

For enterprise leaders hoping to ensure their companies can respond to outages whenever they happen, there are some essential tactics to execute, according to Mukesh Ranjan, Vice President at Everest Group.

  • Enable self-service for commonly occurring issues: Leaders can create marketplace portals, one-click resolutions, FAQs, and do-it-yourself videos contextual to company needs
  • Incorporate chatbots with embedded RPA: To address key workflows and use cases such as internet issues
  • Make resources available: During weekends and graveyard shifts, have a go-to process to respond to critical outages
  • Follow the sun model: Create rotation schedules to ensure round-the-clock resolution

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Making It Easier to Build Apps with Time Series Data | In the News

Developers must often build and integrate apps that consume time series data using a mix of clouds, languages, frameworks, and tooling. Time series data isn’t a new challenge for software developers, but the exponential increase in time series data in recent years (with no signs of slowing down) certainly makes it more complicated.

“Tool integration and usage is always a challenge, and time series data applications are no exception,” said Yugal Joshi, Partner at Everest Group, where he leads digital, cloud, and application services research. “However, this challenge isn’t worse in this scenario.”

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ServiceNow Launches Workflow, Workspace Tools for Enterprises and Government Agencies | In the News

ServiceNow has rolled out a trio of solutions to improve productivity for employees, customers, and partners. These promise to help digitize more aspects of workplace productivity, improving efficiency for enterprises and government agencies.

Yugal Joshi, Partner with Everest Group, an advisory service, believes service maps are moving in the right direction but progress has been incredibly difficult. Enterprises have been using change management databases (CMDB) for ages, but these are rarely updated or strategically used.

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5 Top ERP Trends for 2022 — And Their Implications for IT Leaders | In the News

Staying on top the latest shifts in enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategies and implementations will help IT leaders deliver maximum value from these business-critical systems.

“There are regular updates to the ERP, which could be in the form of features and functionalities that are pushed into the live environment. If there is a high level of customization, a CIO will have to tweak the update in context of the customization. This is cumbersome and leads to additional cost. By going in for a standardized ERP solution, IT leaders can avoid these issues, and most are following suit,” says Abhishek Mundra, Practice Director for enterprise platform services at research firm Everest Group.

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How Will the Metaverse Affect the Future of Work? | In the News

Field trips to the Louvre for inspiration, sped-up learning, onboarding reimagined — how will the metaverse change our working environments and when? It depends.

The broader adoption of metaverse platforms could increase employee engagement irrespective of where they are. “This will help savvy enterprises attract needed talent without worrying about the physical offices,” said Yugal Joshi, Partner at Everest Group.

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