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7 Must-Know Blockchain Trends for 2021 | In the News

Blockchain, which for its brief history has been inextricably tied to cryptocurrencies, is starting to cut its teeth as a serious business technology.

The financial services industry has been one of the early adopters of blockchain with good reason. Having been dependent on proven methods of managing traditional assets, financial services companies are not only seeing the assortment of assets they deal with expand into areas like cryptocurrency, NFTs and other blockchain use cases in finance, they’ve also seen their own supply chains get increasingly complex, said Ronak Doshi, a vice president at Everest Group.

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Overcoming the Barriers to Digital Transformation | In the News

The pandemic has rapidly accelerated digital transformation across the globe. Businesses scrambled to improve their operational agility in order to adapt to the volatile and unpredictable climate. In fact, a recent survey of executives by McKinsey found companies have accelerated the digitisation of internal operations and customer and supply-chain interactions by three to four years, says Simon Michie, CTO at Pulsant.

Our latest research reveals 88% of organisations in the UK alone are facing barriers to transformation and further global research from Everest Group suggests that seven in ten transformation projects fail. So how can organisations ensure they get transformation right?

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Federated Learning: Comparisons, Benefits and Application | In the News

Organizations have identified Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a quintessential enabling layer in their digital transformations. As AI adoption increases, so too does concern for user data privacy, coupled with the need for an agency to safeguard it. Recently, governments around the world have introduced guidelines, regulations, and bills such as the GDPR and the CCPA to improve data privacy and governance. These guidelines have explicit rules regarding the storage, processing, and use of data for any purpose, and any violation is heavily penalized.

Everest Group’s federated learning report defines federated learning and explores its key characteristics; compares federated learning and centralized learning; details federated learning’s benefits and applications; provides an overview of key federated learning providers; and introduces a decision-making framework for federated learning adoption.

IoT Analyst Firm Award 2021 Winners Announced | In the News

The 2021 IoT Analyst firms Awards reflect three major changes in how analyst firms are influencing Internet of Things professionals. The Awards, issued by the Analyst Observatory at the University of Edinburgh, and sponsored by CCgroup, show the firms most valued by participants in the Analyst Firm Awards. HFS Research, Everest Group and KMPG’s performance were especially strong in the Analyst Firm Awards. A full report is available with a free subscription to CCgroup’s analyst relations newsletter.

Using the 2021 Analyst Value Survey responses, we identified firstly a group that we call platinum firms. The platinum firms are the firms that collectively produce most of the value created for users by the analyst firms. In the IoT segment, these firms are Everest Group, Gartner, Forrester, HFS and IDC.

Call Centre Trends: Sales and Marketing | In the News

RingCentral has released a series of posts devoted to contact centres that have looked at the niche from many angles. They’ve considered the workers who are vital to contact centres and how their roles are changing. They’ve looked at tech in contact centres and how developments in that area are reshaping the field.

Research by Everest Group in 2017 placed a value of $81-83 billion on the contact centre outsourcing (CCO) market.

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Digital Transformation: 11 Skills CIOs Need to Get it Done | In the News

CIOs leading successful digital transformation efforts have a certain set of skills. What are the most important capabilities now?

“CIOs need to have confidence in their abilities to pitch their enhanced role to the leadership,” says Yugal Joshi, vice president of digital, cloud, and application services research for Everest Group. “The reason many enterprises ended up creating roles such as Chief Digital Officer and Chief Transformation Officer was because CIOs were too timid and unsure of their roles (as well as too busy in the day-to-day hustle of running the enterprise technology landscape). Strengthening the emotional intelligence skill of self-belief, therefore, is job number one.”

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Everest Group: 34% of Enterprises Investing in Industry 4.0 | In the News

Interconnectivity, digitalisation and automation, as manufacturing enterprises leverage emerging technologies in these fields the demand for industry 4.0 services continues to grow.

“Industry 4.0 is the latest phase in the industrial revolution, characterised by advanced themes of interconnectivity, digitalisation, and automation, and made possible through technological developments in multiple fields, including Internet of Things (IoT), additive manufacturing, cloud computing, edge computing, analytics, robotics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML),” commented Everest Group.


9 Critical Questions to Ask When Digitizing Your Supply Chain | In the News

A whopping 73% of all digital transformation initiatives fail to deliver sustained ROI, according to Everest Group. With all the cash flowing into digitization, that means billions upon billions of dollars are going to waste. What’s behind this dismal success rate? For one, the process isn’t a bed of roses–the harsh reality is that companies are still facing a lot of trials and tribulations on their digital transformation journeys. Another is that they simply try to bite off too much at once.

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