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Future-Proofing the Supply Chain – the Impact of COVID-19 | In the News

It can rain, and you’ll be fine. It can rain heavily, and still, it’s OK. But you only truly know how good the roof is on your house when it rains really, really hard, not just for a few hours, but for days at a time.

Read Everest Group’s report Future-proofing Supply Chain Management: Building Resilience and Agility through Digital Transformation to learn more about how organizations can future-proofing their supply chain.

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Credit Unions Should Bank On Chat | In the News

The pandemic has driven more consumers than ever to bank by mobile app, and seven in 10 would use a chat app for banking if their bank offered it, a new study shows.

But the availability of digital technologies at retail banks and the explosion of fintech challengers is eating away at the credit union CX advantage. One study from the Everest Group found that less than 5% of credit unions in the U.S. had a mobile banking app as of 2019. Retail banks, meanwhile, invested heavily in digital technologies before and during the pandemic, and those investments have scored well with consumers.

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IBM Banks on Open Networking Approach to Give It the 5G Edge | In the News

IBM has signed two significant deals with telecoms companies as it continues to expand its presence in the cloud and ramp up its involvement in fledgling 5G networks. It is a sign that Big Blue’s open hybrid-cloud strategy is helping it gain ground on its rivals as the role of the cloud changes to cater for increased processing of data from the edge which can be enabled by 5G.

This commitment to an open, hybrid way of doing cloud is partly born out of necessity, says Yugal Joshi, vice president of digital, cloud, and application services research for Everest Group. “IBM realizes it has probably missed the public cloud bus which is now dominated by the three hyperscale vendors (AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform),” he says. “Therefore, hybrid cloud, which is also a preferred way for enterprises to consume workload, becomes extremely critical for IBM.”

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Mukesh Ambani can resolve India’s hesitancy with US Big Tech | In the News

Last week, Google announced an Android smartphone in collaboration with Reliance Jio, the telco spearheaded by India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani.

“The Jio-Google partnership is more around leveraging the Android ecosystem and services to create affordable smartphones for users. The internet provider will most likely be Jio, but users should be able to have other providers as well over time,” Yugal Joshi, vice-president at consultancy Everest Group, told Quartz. “Therefore, this initiative is quite different to Facebook one, where people were more concerned about internet ownership.”

Stop The Transformation Madness | In the News

It’s 10:30 a.m. on Monday morning. Crowds chat and shuffle around the convention hall. Banners hang everywhere, and flyers litter the hallways while people hand out promotional gift bags by an endless row of booths. “Transform or Die” flashes across the monitors followed by the logo of a major consulting firm. Again, there’s a form of that word — “transformation” — repeated over and over as if it’s the solution to every problem.

According to an Everest Group study conducted last year, “A whopping 73% of enterprises failed to provide any business value whatsoever from their digital transformation efforts.”

Digital Adoption an Immediate Priority for CFOs | In the News

There has been a seismic shift in the CFO mindset, with half of executives moving towards building an agile, resilient and digital enabled future-ready organisation, according to a new survey from WNS.

WNS, a provider of global business process management (BPM) solutions, completed the Global CFO Survey report in collaboration with Everest Group.

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Clubhouse’s Next Moves in India Will Determine If It’s the Next Facebook or the Next Foursquare | In the News

On Clubhouse, there is something for everyone: rooms on pop culture, feminism, cricket, music, gaming, and even religion and prayer. That variety is among the many reasons the invitation-only social audio app has taken off in India, where users of different ages, backgrounds, interests, and even languages are coming together to discuss anything and everything, including topics the government would prefer they avoid.

In India, Clubhouse also found a market primed for the audio experience. “Audio platforms have been around for ages and podcasts have become common,” says Yugal Joshi, vice president at consultancy Everest Group. “The concept is well understood and that makes users comfortable.”

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Why Digital Transformation Fails | In the News

I haven’t set foot inside a grocery store since the start of the pandemic. And even though I am now vaccinated, I don’t really see that changing. The reason is simple: buying groceries online is much more convenient for busy professionals like my wife and me. Why go through the hassle when good apps offer seamless and frictionless shopping experiences?

In spite of all of that investment, an estimated $3.3 trillion by 2025, many digital transformation initiatives will fail — up to 84% according to Forbes. While measuring failure varies from organization to organization, according to an Everest Group study, 73% of companies failed at providing any business value from their digital transformation process. That is trillions wasted with no return. So why do digital transformation initiatives fail?

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Digital Transformation: 10 Ways DevOps Helps | In the News

Successful digital transformation work requires speed and agility – so DevOps process fits right in, IT leaders say. Could your team benefit in these areas?

Back in 2016, technology and business consultancy Everest Group published a report entitled “No DevOps, No Digital.” They were onto something: While DevOps is not necessarily mandatory for digital transformation, it’s awfully close. The processes and tools involved certainly accelerate the digital journey on a number of fronts.

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