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Storage Vendors Look To Make Case for Sustainability | In The News

Energy costs are rising, and sustainability is all the rage. But storage vendors may struggle to convince customers to combat climate change during an economic downturn.

As one of the main elements of IT, storage often sits on the sidelines; that is its purpose. But it also uses a disproportionate amount of power. “[Vendors must] ensure that the technology is efficient [and] decreases overall power consumption while increasing performance and capacity,” says to Mukesh Ranjan, Analyst at Everest Group.

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Tier-2/3 Cities Account For $36 Billion of IT Exports | In the News

Big cities in India account for the lion’s share of the IT export services business, but tier-2 and tier-3 cities are also slowly morphing into hubs for the global services delivery.

US IT research advisory Everest Group’s Locations Insider report has estimated that out of the US$180 billion IT services export revenue, about US$36 billion was supported by tier-2 and tier-3 cities, driven by the need for risk diversification, cost savings, access to the untapped talent pool, and lower market congestion.

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Top 5 Stories of the Week: Deloitte’s Cybersecurity Predictions, the True Cost of a Breach, AI’s New Diet | In the News

A new report released this week from Perception Point and Osterman Research found that, on average, companies pay $1,197 per employee each year to address cybersecurity incidents — which can add up quickly the larger an organization is.

Sandeep Pattathil, a Senior Analyst at the IT advisory firm, Everest Group, told VentureBeat that a major challenge still ahead will be quantum computing’s algorithmic advances — not speed.

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7 Expert Recommended Data Observability Tools | In the News

Analysts and end users have sought data observability for years, but a recent shift has changed how business processes use these tools, leaving organizations with plenty to consider when selecting which tool is best to use and if the commercial investment is worth it.

“Investments in commercial data observability tools and initiatives need to be made from the perspective of the overall business, internal users, and customers,” said Alisha Mittal, a Vice President in IT services at Everest Group.

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Quantum Progress: How IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Intel Compare | In the News

Established enterprise leaders like IBM, Microsoft, and Google continue to make progress in quantum computing. As a result, quantum computers are getting bigger and achieving advantages over traditional tech in limited circumstances.

Sandeep Pattathil, a Senior Analyst at IT advisory firm, Everest Group, told VentureBeat that IBM has a clear-cut roadmap for achieving large-scale, practical quantum computing with plans to have a 1,000-qubit computer in place by 2023 and has so far met all their milestones.

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The Dark Side of the Moon in Enterprises | In the News

Most CXOs globally are focused on growing revenue, optimizing costs, managing risk and compliance, and delivering superior customer, employee, and ecosystem experiences.

Despite all of this, 70% of transformation programs do not deliver the desired business outcomes. An Everest Group report validates this further, finding that 68% of enterprises undertaking transformations have not realized their envisioned goals.

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Experience Reigns Supreme in the Talent War | In the News

Multi-process human resource outsourcing (MPHRO) deals are on the rise again in 2022 as enterprises seek end-to-end services that include talent acquisition and development and that keep employee experience at the core.

Everest Group projects that this focus on employee experience, reskilling, and digital transformation will drive a 7-9% growth in the MPHRO market by 2026.

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New Enterprise Learning Tools Put Employees in Control | In the News

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning and a growing category of “learning experience platforms” were already taking off, augmenting and sometimes replacing stodgy learning management systems that had been around for decades.

Priyanka Mitra, Practice Director at research firm Everest Group, said AI plays a crucial role in shifting learning from a one-size-fits-all approach to a more personalized experience for each employee.

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