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What Does 5G Rollout Implementation Partnership with Airtel Mean for TCS? | In the News

Telco giant Airtel and Tata Group’s IT arm TCS entered into a partnership for implementation of 5G solutions. The move is expected to help the latter strengthen its capability and scale and the former reduce the cost of the deployment, according to analysts.

Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO, Everest Group, said, “These partnership rarely mean very much and are mostly a signaling vehicle to show that the parties are committed to 5G. That is not to say that TCS will not capture some revenue from this but in the end Airtel will work with other vendors and TCS will work with other 5G networks. So the partnership is good publicity but is unlikely to contribute significantly to either party’s market success.”

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Tech Firms Compelled to Pay Digital Workers Higher Salaries | In the News

Tech workers retrained for digital skills expect to be compensated higher and tech firms that are slow in providing this compensation adjustment are likely to lose their employees and investments they made in retraining, cautioned industry experts.

The new market demanded new skills which required the industry to invest in retraining, paying high to retain these reskilled workers and also hiring new and more expensive talent, said Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group, a Dallas-based analyst and advisory firm.

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Why Indian IT Struggles with India Government Projects | In the News

It is a question that shareholders asked repeatedly at the Infosys annual general meeting over the weekend. It is a question that is likely to haunt India’s second-largest software exporter this week, as it prepares to meet officials from India’s Finance Ministry on June 22.

“Startups can take up parts of the solution, but they do not have the scale, insights into government functioning, capability to build such a massive and complex system end-to-end. They can definitely partner with larger service providers,” said Everest Group Vice President Yugal Joshi.

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Infrastructure Fintechs Close Notable Funding Rounds This Week | In the News

This week, investors looked to infrastructure fintechs for new funding opportunities, with interest once again on a Latin American fintech. Here are Bank Automation News’ highlights.

Ronak Doshi, vice president of research at Everest Group, told BAN that fintech payments processors and platform solutions providers are keenly focused on the Latin American market, especially as more of the region’s consumers adopt digital payments. “With the kind of scale and the investments they’ve gotten,” Doshi said, the Latin American hybrid payment solution EBANX is well-positioned for its coming IPO.

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2021 Might Be A Decisive Year For H-1B Visas | In the News

The Trump administration was hostile to high-skilled immigration, but the Biden administration may enact the most enduring policy changes to H-1B visas. And the changes might not be positive for employers. A series of decisions loom on regulations that would affect who can receive H-1B petitions, how much employers must pay H-1B professionals and much more.

New Regulation on Work at Third-Party Sites: “USCIS is still aiming to have a regulation in place by FY23 cap season to restrict use of the H-1B category by outsourcing companies by changing the ‘employer-employee relationship’ definition,” according to Berry Appleman & Leiden. Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO of Everest Group, argues access to talent is key for competitiveness as information technology services companies attempt to build digital platforms for U.S. companies. “Almost every major U.S. firm is building some form of digital platform so it can enhance its competitive position both domestically and internationally,” he said. “This is probably the most important thing these firms are doing and success will define both company and global success as we move into the future.”

Why Investors Should Take India’s Internet IPO Frenzy with a Pinch of Salt | In the News

The Indian tech startup industry has whipped up an IPO frenzy—yet again. But if there’s one lesson the past has taught us, it is to not get too excited too soon.

“If you see many of these firms have been the eyeing IPO market for years, so over thinking that they are following some strategy is not correct,” said Yugal Joshi, vice-president at consulting firm Everest group. “It cannot be said for sure that there will be an IPO flood in Indian stock markets.”

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Don’t Overlook Document Processing When it Comes to Your Bottom Line | In the News

The invention of paper created a global revolution in communication. Imagine those first users of papyrus and how that must have felt. It made such an impact that, thousands of years later, it still inspires a strong sense of nostalgia that makes people reluctant to give it up – even if documents are often no longer actually on physical paper. And even many of the digital counterparts have warn out their welcome. It’s time to let go of the PDFs, Word and Excel documents and more that are bogging down businesses with inefficient, manual processes.

…Consequently, many organizations are investing more resources to deploy IDP capabilities. Everest Group estimates that the IDP market will grow 70-80% over the next two years to $1.1 billion.

Digitalisation Presents a Mixed Bag of Opportunities, Challenges to Indian IT Sector | In the News

The pandemic-brought jet-speed acceleration in tech adoption and digital transformation in the global marketplace with Indian IT companies winning billion-dollar deals, has exposed domestic tech vendors to a huge bundle of business opportunities and challenges.

Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group, a Dallas-based analyst and advisory firm said, “The new market demands new skills which require the industry to retrain much of its work force and hire new and more expensive talent.”

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Jobs That Can Be Done Anywhere May End Up Overseas | In the News

Corporate embrace of remote work may encourage employers to do more hiring in lower-cost regions, including other countries, according to a U.K. study.

Remote work and the “talent shortage” in IT and engineering are “unleashing a new wave of offshoring,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO of the Everest Group, an outsourcing research firm in Dallas.

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Transunion Is Embracing RPA to ‘Make Humans Relevant Again’ | In the News

Companies overwhelmingly embraced digital transformation as the pandemic took hold last March. According to a Statista survey, 97% of companies say the outbreak sped up transformation processes in their organization. Meanwhile, Gartner says 69% of boards accelerated their digital business initiatives following COVID-19-related disruptions.

The benefits don’t stop at creative fulfillment. Everest Group reports that top performers earn nearly 4 times on their RPA investments, while other enterprises earn nearly double.

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