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Tech Mahindra to Cut Dependence on Indian Talent Base | In the News

Tech Mahindra is looking to ramp up hiring in its delivery centers across Eastern Europe and Latin America over the next few years to diversify its talent base and provide a buffer against the war for talent currently going on in India.

Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of IT consulting and research firm Everest Group, told TOI that the benefits of such a strategy are likely to far outweigh the costs. “I believe that this is a prudent decision. If Tech Mahindra is patient and works through the issues. It clearly diversifies its workforce, provides interesting near-shore options for clients, de-risks its operations from the increasingly intense Indian labor market, and allows it to match one of its competitors’ advantages,” he said.

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Digital Adoption Platform Is Essential to the New Way of Working | In the News

DAPs simplify the whole software experience lifecycle, from onboarding to training, ongoing support, and change management, by breaking down even the most complicated processes and workflows into intuitive and easily executable steps.

In today’s remote workforce model, a typical enterprise has more than 900 apps, including over 300+ cloud apps, and a typical employee in such an enterprise is exposed to over 15 apps. A 2020 report from Everest Group shows that 73% of organizations fail to realize sustained returns from their digital investments due to a lack of user adoption.

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Georgia – A Next-wave Eastern European Location for Outsourcing Excellence | In the News

Georgia’s competitive profile in voice and non-voice business process services and IT positions the country as a next-wave destination for sourcing services. Several international businesses and IT services providers, as well as local small and medium-sized companies, are already serving international clients from Georgia, including Fortune 500 brands.

According to evaluations conducted by Everest Group covered in the “Locations Spotlight – Georgia” report published in 2020, in comparison with well-established sourcing destinations such as Poland and UK, Georgia offers 55-80% cost-savings for annual operating costs per FTE in contact center services and IT.

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Digital Transformation Strategy: 6 Factors to Rethink Post-pandemic | In the News

It’s time to revisit your digital transformation strategy, given the disruption and organizational changes that occurred during the pandemic.

“IT leaders need to differentiate between what they had to do to survive out of desperation versus as part of a thought-out strategy,” says Yugal Joshi, Vice President of digital, cloud, and application services research for Everest Group.

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Key Aspects of RPA in the Cloud | In the News

As more enterprises prioritize automation, robotic process automation (RPA) seeks to build upon that growth within the cloud sector. Learn why vendors see the technology as an investment in the future.

With architectures built on containerized microservices and serverless infrastructure, cloud RPA provides better scalability, said Amardeep Modi, Practice Director at Everest Group, an IT advisory firm.

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Top 11 Use Cases of RPA in Retail | In the News

As the world shifts to the era of Industry 4.0, robotic process automation (RPA) is gaining momentum across all sectors, mainly because companies have begun to realize the importance of automating a process, and increasing efficiency has become second nature.

RPA can improve categorization, and research backs this fact. A study by Everest Group says that automation can help you improve product categorization accuracy by 98.5%.

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Hyperscalers to Drive 24% Cloud Services Market Growth | In the News

Hyperscale public cloud providers have experienced growth rates exceeding 30 percent for the past few years, and their appetite for enterprise IT spend remains insatiable.

Everest Group predicts hyperscalers, namely Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, will seize more of enterprise IT spend as the cloud services market accelerates to a 24 percent compound annual growth rate through 2024.

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The CFO Is More than Ever a Champion of Changing Future Odds | In the News

Over the past pandemic-hit year, the spotlight has firmly been on the CFO as organizations seek the resilience to survive the challenging near-term period while successfully positioning themselves for the long-term future.

The latest Global CFO Survey findings, conducted in collaboration with Everest Group, reveal what it takes to become a constantly future-ready CFO. In a study covering more than 300 CFOs globally from more than 20 industry sectors, 52 percent of them said that they were re-assessing business strategies factoring in the current environment, and 50 percent maintained that they were driving proactive initiatives to build agile, resilient, and digital-first organizations.


Microland Hosts Summit on Modern IT Infrastructure | In the News

On July 23, Global CIO Forum and GEC Media Group, in association with Microland Group, successfully hosted a virtual session titled “Not Square Pegs in Round Holes- Cloud Ops Done Right.” The event focused on how modern IT Infrastructure comes with its set of unique deployment challenges. Building the right infrastructure management model is critical in the journey to digital transformation.

Yugal Joshi, Vice President, Information Technology Services at Everest Group, also shared his opinion on how cloud is integral to serving enterprises’ digital initiatives and said, “The pandemic could not really damp the spirit of almost many enterprises in terms of their willingness to increase speed to market, and we saw 58 percent of enterprises that we worked with accelerated their Agile and DevOps adoption.”

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