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What the Future Holds for the Low-code Application Development Market | In the News

The low-code platform market offers enterprises a large selection of options with players of varying sizes and capabilities co-existing. However, the market’s complexity is also one of the key reasons the technology has not realized its full potential.

According to Everest Group’s recent market study, as many as 60% of new application development engagements consider low-code platforms. Driven by the pandemic, the sudden surge in demand for digital transformation accelerated low code annual market growth to about 25%. Considering its potential, low code is appropriately being called the “Next Cloud.”

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Surprise! The Metaverse Is Going to Suck for Privacy

More thought – or at least some thought – needs to be given to privacy protection in the promised metaverse of connected 3D virtual-reality worlds, experts have concluded.

“Advanced technologies, especially in VR headsets and smart glasses, will track behavioral and biometric information at a record scale,” explains Everest Group in its recent report: “Taming the Hydra: Trust and Safety in the Metaverse.”

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Meta Approves Four Programming Languages for Workers and Developers

Meta, the social ad biz better known as Facebook, on Wednesday endorsed four programming languages as preferred options for employees and for developers building software on its platform, now in the midst of reorientation toward data-rich virtual worlds.

Yet, memory safety may matter less to Meta in the near term than customer safety. A recent report titled “Taming the Hydra: Trust and Safety in the Metaverse,” by Everest Group, argues that enterprises participating in virtual world interactions will need to up their trust and safety game to avoid abusive behavior directed at virtual world avatars, data privacy problems, digital asset fraud, and mental/physical health problems for content moderators.

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IT Services Companies Q1 Margins Show Early Signs of Impact of Slowdown | In the News

While making gung-ho claims about continued growth opportunities ahead, CEOs of India’s top IT companies aren’t leaving anything to chance as the world prepares for a slowdown and a recession in the US, the biggest technology market. In fact, the current fiscal year’s first quarter’s numbers show that Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, and others are willing to trade some profit margins if it wins them large contracts and keeps the cash flow going.

“There are two factors at work with the lower margins. The first is that ever since Salil took over he has signaled that he feels that Infosys is unwise in keeping industry high margins, and investors would be better served if they were to lower margins and use the surplus to invest in growth,” Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO of Everest Group, tells Forbes India in an email.

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Confidential Computing: A Quarantine for the Digital Age

Undoubtedly, cloud computing is a mainstay in the enterprise. Still, the increased adoption of hybrid and public clouds, combined with continued security breaches from both inside and outside forces, leave many with lingering concerns about cloud security. And rightly so.

The concept is rapidly gaining traction. As predicted by Everest Group, a “best-case scenario” is that confidential computing will achieve a market value of around US$54 billion by 2026, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 90% to 95%. The global research firm emphasizes that “it is, of course, a nascent market, so big growth figures are to be expected.”

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Infy, Tech Mahindra et al. Have Dipped Their Toes in Metaverse Waters. Can They Cash In on the Mania? | In the News

Yugal Joshi, Partner at Everest Group, sees Indian companies trying to create “pull through demand. ” Global clients are seeking tech partners to deploy solutions like creating digital twins or virtual onboarding of people. They might initially do it for free (if they already have deep engagement with the client), set up a lab to do it, or showcase it to clients.

“Indian IT typically waits for revenue to invest. India is not R&D heavy (unlike Accenture & other global providers). We are fast followers with focus on more near term, particularly in these uncertain times,” adds Joshi.

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Capital Group Invests Big in Talent Development

For financial services company Capital Group, competing in tight IT talent markets is all about the long run.

That focus includes not only the firm’s customer-facing strategies but also its commitment to investing in the development of its employees, a strategy that is paying off, as evidenced by Capital Group’s No. 3 for employee satisfaction among large financial services companies, according to Global BPO research firm Everest Group.

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Managing Databases in a Hybrid Cloud: 8 Key Considerations | In the News

To manage and monitor hybrid cloud database environments, consider business and application goals plus costs, latency, security, stability, simplicity, tools, and technical skills.

Hybrid cloud database deployments extend the same conception to the data itself. But the decision to go to a hybrid cloud database model should be driven by application and workload needs that call for databases to be on a hybrid cloud, said Yugal Joshi, Partner at technology research advisory Everest Group. If that’s the case, hybrid architectures can provide complementary benefits to the underlying applications by streamlining access to required data.

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Cognizant Rejig May Make Digital Arm Nimbler, Stem Attrition, Say Analysts

The restructuring of its digital business arm will help keep in check Cognizant Technology Solutions’ attrition levels and is a result of the evolving nature of digital transformation deals, analysts have said.

The Teaneck, New Jersey-based company’s new structure aligns with where the industry is heading. By breaking the digital business into four sub-groups, Cognizant may become more nimble, said Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group.

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