Analyst Relations Newsletter Q2 2017: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Key highlights from recent custom research projects by Everest Group


Case #1: One of the top 5 U.S. payers engaged Everest Group to benchmark its existing BPO vendor portfolio and contrast their solution offerings

Everest Group’s approach: Everest Group evaluated each of the existing vendors against the best-in-class service providers to evaluate the key offerings, price points, digital leverage, etc. We also looked at how the top payers in the market were sourcing similar pieces with these vendors and which pieces fall under lack of capability vs. negotiation arbitrage.

Client benefits: Everest Group helped the payer to look at both end-of-term and mid-term contracts from a more critical lens and restructure them to enhance value and derive better gains from the existing relationships where possible.

Case #2: Helped one of the world’s largest providers of IT services to healthcare providers identify hospital system-level business development opportunities in the target area of value-based care

Client overview and background: One of the world’s largest providers of IT services to healthcare providers engaged Everest Group to identify priority business development accounts in hospital-level systems and to prioritize these for their value-based care offering

Everest Group’s approach: Everest Group developed a sophisticated account prioritization model and leveraged its market reach to identify account level opportunities. Everest Group assessed over 4000 hospital systems and developed a scoring model to rank them on their value-based care performance and technology enablement.

Client benefits: Everest Group helped the client’s sales people develop actionable insights for their pursuit strategy in the value-based care space. This analysis further helped our client develop a definitive assessment of a key target segment and drill down to account-level insights that enhance the effectiveness of their sales efforts.

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