Healthcare Adoption of Salesforce Grew 35% Over Last 3 Years; More Growth to Come | Press Release

Salesforce applications in healthcare go far beyond patient management to address three of the industry’s biggest challenges: consumer experience, interoperability and value-based care.

According to Everest Group, healthcare adoption of Salesforce has grown approximate 35% since 2018, driven by the industry’s focus on implementing better care strategies, producing greater value, and refining patient and member experiences. Salesforce services for healthcare generated US$700 million in 2020. (This data is derived from Everest Group research and is not provided by Salesforce.)

Moving forward, Everest Group expects healthcare adoption of Salesforce to grow steadily. Future adoption drivers will include modernizing legacy applications and spearheading the digital transformation agenda. Healthcare organizations will use Salesforce to lower expenditures, build resilient business models and develop intelligent enterprises.

Salesforce Evolves, Adds Value Beyond Sales & Marketing
Salesforce is the world’s No. 1 customer relationship platform and a pioneer of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Across industries, early adopters of Salesforce services were looking to boost sales and marketing efforts by using Salesforce to effectively manage customer relationships, market targeted products, explore sales performance and drive cost efficiencies. As the Salesforce technology landscape broadened, enterprises’ approach toward Salesforce has evolved from “reactive” relationship management to a “proactive” approach to Customer Experience (CX).

Salesforce Helps Healthcare Address Big Challenges
Healthcare organizations are looking to leverage Salesforce not only to engage with patients, but also as a tool to manage end-to-end business functions and address three of the biggest challenges faced by the healthcare industry:

  1. Consumer Experience: Healthcare consumers experience disjointed services because different stakeholders have access to data residing at different places. Salesforce has capabilities to integrate the experience of consumers at different points of their care journey to provide a holistic view.
  2. Interoperability: The movement of data within healthcare is stymied today by infrastructure architecture and complexity. Salesforce allows sharing data across platforms and electronic health records (EHRs), including legacy systems, helping health systems become interoperable. This data-sharing ability makes Salesforce a powerful tool for creating a coordinated care experience.
  3. Value-based Care: Low patient satisfaction has been the result of healthcare’s focus on volume over value, fraud and waste, and ever-rising costs with a disproportionate improvement in outcomes. Salesforce, with its data integration, advanced analytics and workflow capabilities, is helping to improve care management and fast-track population health initiatives.

Salesforce Healthcare Services in the Sourcing Industry
Within the sourcing industry, the scope of Salesforce healthcare services being provided to healthcare organizations includes consulting and advisory, custom application development, implementation and integration, and maintenance and support.

Service providers are building strong healthcare-specific solutions to expedite their clients’ time-to-market with Salesforce and are taking an inorganic approach to fill gaps across their Salesforce services portfolios and enhance their geographic footprints.

More Information Available in Everest Group Report
Everest Group’s recently released report, “Salesforce Healthcare Services – State of the Market,” explores market trends for Salesforce Healthcare services in detail. The report includes market size and growth, adoption trends by products and lines of business, key uses cases for healthcare entities and service providers, adoption challenges, and enterprise expectations of service providers. Finally, Everest Group suggests strategies service providers can use to enhance customer satisfaction and build market share.

***Download a complimentary abstract of the report here.***

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