Given the significant cost-base procurement manages, it should come as no surprise that the role of procurement is gaining increasing importance. According to recent studies, procurement spend typically represents 30-60 percent of an organization’s revenues.

Everest Group’s on-the-ground advisory and research experience helps organizations realize real value from their procurement sourcing decisions. Our coverage of procurement spans the entire Source-to-Pay (S2P) process, including:

  • End-to-end sourcing advisory. Leveraging our Joint Design approach, we develop an Enterprise Sourcing Strategy (ESS), Value Creation Analysis (VCA), solution development, negotiation and transition planning.
  • Assessment of the current procurement model. We analyze the client across multiple dimensions, including sourcing model, scope and scale, location strategy, performance management, value creation, and risk management.
  • End-of-term strategy support. We help clients continue to build upon the accomplishments of the first-generation engagement.
  • Procurement optimization services. We improve the client’s efficiency and effectiveness by identifying improvement potential and defining an implementation program.
  • Pricing assurance services. We determine the right price for the required quality of service and their impact on market conditions.
  • Actionable research.  We deliver insights and analysis based on both published and proprietary studies.