“Outsourcing for healthcare technology will grow in the next four years, and is set to reach $68.3 billion by 2020, according a report from Everest Group. Such growth will be propelled by providers looking to make up ‘for their historical lag in technology adoption,’ Abhishek Singh, practice director at Everest Group, said in an announcement.” Read more.


“Much has changed since you signed your outsourcing agreement five – or even just three – years ago. As you being to prepare for renewal, you’ll want to consider how your new agreement can better help you meet your business objectives…” Read more.


“It’s also important to understand RPA within the context of the IT industry. Sarah Burnett, vice president at research firm Everest Group, points to a deeper use of RPA at the business process level and where she believes the technology is heading.” Read more.


Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of US-based IT advisory firm Everest Group, said Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka has a similar startup engagement programme in Silicon Valley and he is now extending this to Europe. Infosys is trying to make the change from being an arbitrage-led firm to being an IP-led services firm.The internal Infosys investments in IP have not been sufficient to effect this change and the hope is that these partnerships and acquisitions will help, he said.” Read More.


“Bengaluru-based Infosys, most known for its I.T. outsourcing and business consulting services, has been named as one of the top 50 service providers for digital strategy in a report released by global management consulting firm Everest Group. Infosys offers digital technologies to streamline and simplify processes, improve productivity and quality, and deliver a superior experience to business process stakeholders, said Everest Group vice president Chirajeet Sengupta in a statement. “”This has enabled it to be ranked in the top quartile in the Digital Strategy of North American enterprises, he continued.” Read More.

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