“The hiring that these companies have been doing has changed in the recent past. They are hiring a lot from consulting firms, etc, which could be aimed at giving more structure to their businesses. They perhaps are looking to run their companies more as serious businesses and less as just start-ups,” says Yugal Joshi, practice director at Everest Group. Read more.


“What Wipro and others are finding out is that these technologies converge and that client problems require an inter-disciplinary skill set. These talented individuals are indeed rare and very hard to obtain from the market. Hence a grow your own strategy makes a lot of sense, what this underlines is that with every increase in technology service providers have to investment more in human capital not less,” said Peter Bendor Samuel, CEO of US-based Everest Group. Read more.


“TCS, the country’s largest software services company, has always been a conservative player in the M&A space, a trait it used to share with others in the IT industry. Experts believe TCS will start making investments in the next two years or it will risk being left behind. “TCS must decide if it wants to lead or have others catch and surpass it in size and scale. It seems unlikely that they can maintain their leadership by relying exclusively on an organic expansion strategy,” said Peter Bendor Samuel, chief executive officer and founder of Dallas headquartered outsourcing advisory firm Everest Group.” Read More.


“IT organizations big and small are seeing significant benefits from some of their cloud computing contracts. The value of cloud services deals increased 60 percent in the last three years and the $40 billion global cloud services market is expected to grow 27 percent annually over the next three years, according to recent research by the Everest Group.” Read More.


“Capgemini has realised 10 times more growth than what Parekh had promised Cros. Parekh’s career at Capgemini stands as a testimony to Capgemini’s willingness to embrace leadership which originates outside of France, and to the outstanding capabilities of Salil, says Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO, Everest Group, an advisory fi rm. Last February, Parekh was promoted to the title of ‘directeur general adjoint’, along with four others. The title translates to deputy CEO of the 10.5-billion Capgemini.” Read More.

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