“According to research by the Everest Group, the market opportunities for IT services players in the health care and life sciences segment in the US stood at $30 billion in 2013. This is expected to climb to $43 billion by 2016. None of the Indian IT services companies, except Cognizant which is headquartered in the US, has been able to make a big dent in the health care segment in North America.” Read More.


“One influential outsourcing advisory, Everest Group, even went so far as to compare Cognizant with IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM), calling it “The New Big Blue” in the health care IT area after the TriZetto deal was announced.” Read More.


“Cognizant is the new Big Blue. With more than $3 billion in combined healthcare revenue post the acquisition, it positions Cognizant in a different league compared to its other Indian peers like Infosys or TCS,” said Abhishek Singh, practice director-healthcare in IT and research advisory firm Everest Group.” Read More.


“We’re all familiar with the typical pharmaceutical supply chain: A pharma company develops a drug and, after gaining FDA approval, mass produces it and distributes it to pharmacies. Physicians prescribe it. Potentially hundreds of thousands of patients walk into pharmacies armed with prescriptions and walk out with the drug. But the future of the pharmaceutical supply chain is personalized, tailored to the unique variables that impact the efficacy of treatments for different patients. Aided by the creative application of cloud computing, that future isn’t far away.” Read More.


“While IT services still account for most of the interest in Mexico and English-language voice support remains the most in-demand service in the Caribbean, Central American countries such as Costa Rica are beginning to move from the traditional bilingual voice support to more complex work, Everest found. Globally, quarter two of 2014 has seen some key trends emerging as major events and changes influence the pattern of business, Everest noted. From default on the Argentine debt to instability in the Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa, this year has seen several significant events unfold that – while not directly linked to global services – do define part of the context of the industry at present.” Read More.

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