“In India, the H-1B visa is seen in an entirely different light than in the U.S. The visa is essential to free trade, and legislative moves by Congress to restrict it are called protectionist and a threat to India’s IT industry.The Indians know that Obama’s ability to affect the H-1B visa is limited, but they may ask for some greater flexibility and administrative changes in some of the visa programs, such as the B-1 business visitor visa, said Bendor-Samuel. That could involve lightening restrictions on the B-1 visa to allow meetings with clients, or increases in the flexibility of L-1 visas, he said.” Read More.


“We anticipate US$9.2 billion in contract renewals in the healthcare provider ITO segment by 2020,” said Jimit Arora, vice president at Everest Group. “Near-term technology adoption will be focused on infrastructure modernization, regulatory compliance and cost-containment outcomes. Medium term, we’ll see large transformational deals structured around application development and maintenance, testing, business intelligence and network services.” Read More.


These are among the key findings of the Everest Group report titled “Central America and the Caribbean Answer the Call for English-language Contact Center Services,” published in December 2014. Nearshore Americas caught up with the authors of the report, Anurag Srivastava and Aditya Verma, to challenge and discuss their findings. Read more.


“On top of the new technological responsibilities requiring CIOs to be more innovative, Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group believes the CIO is increasingly being tasked with a more tactical mandate, for example, as well as cutting costs and increasing compliance and security. This will lead to power shifting from the CIO, at the centre of technological control, outwards, encompassing other leaders too: “Over time we could see islands of automation spring up that need central coordination. That’s what happened in the distributed computing wave and resulted in CIOs re-establishing influence. Without competent CIO involvement, companies run a greater risk of running afoul of compliance issues and being exposed to security risks.” Read More.


“TK (Kurien) is not only a good strategist, but good at execution. Some of it has reflected in the big deal wins be it Atco, ABB and Takeda (Wipro won a $400 million deal from Takeda Pharma of Japan). They have created a global solutioning team to win deals and they are investing in IP based technologies and startups. They have become more coherent in their market positioning and approach to clients that has helped them turn a corner,” said Chirajeet Sengupta, VP in IT research and advisory firm Everest Group.” Read More.

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