“When captives think about what they want to outsource, they typically pick transaction-based processes where the service provider could have a platform or services that experience variable demand so that the provider can manage the changes required in deploying a workforce,” said H Karthik, vice president at IT consultancy Everest Group. Read more.


Everest Group’s research indicates, “30 percent to 50 percent of current workloads can move to the cloud within the next 5 years,” Jimit Arora, a vice president at Everest Group, said in an email. Read more.


“This is according to Steve Wylie, GM of Cloud Connectat global tech services company UBM Tech, which has just completed the latest annual Enterprise Cloud Adoption survey with the Everest Group.” Read more.


“It is no longer a matter of whether small and midsize businesses (SMBs) will turn to cloud computing but rather when they will make it happen, according to a study from Cloud Connect and Everest Group detailed in The Wall Street Journal. Additionally, when SMBs do adopt cloud technologies, they will be more likely to choose a hybrid format.” Read more.


“Statistics also told the story of how difficult these transitions can be. About 58% of enterprises that the Everest Group surveyed spend more than 10% of their budget on cloud computing today, and a recent Forrester Research stat showed 86% of enterprise workloads still do not run in clouds.” Read more.

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