“In its latest report, released last week, Everest Group reported that in 2014 the number of new, large application outsourcing (AO) deals in capital markets dropped 58 percent, while the average total contract value (TCV) dropped 28 percent.” Read More.


“Clients are looking to DevOps in software development, but they are not necessarily looking at service providers to help them make that move. Everest Group noted recently that fewer than 10 percent of application services agreements in 2014 required DevOps-based delivery, suggesting that enterprises do not yet believe that service providers can play a meaningful role in their Agile to DevOps journey.” Read More.


“Aftersales services: Leveraging BPO to maximize the cost+value proposition. Aftersales services can contribute as much as 75-80% of an organization’s core business profits, and BPO has emerged as a viable option to tap into its cost-plus-value proposition.” Read More.


“Analytics is delivering additional value and generating strategic impact in BPS contracts. Which providers are offering these services, and how are they evolving?” Read More.


“A procurement outsourcing solution can drive transformational change, but danger lurks if decisions aren’t carefully planned.” Read More.

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