Everest Group estimates the market to have been US$12-$14billion in 2013, with a growth of 25% over 2012. The market represents circa 19% of the overall BFS IT outsourcing market size in 2013 of US$70-75 billion.” Read more.


“The global multi-process Procurement Outsourcing (PO) market registered 12% growth in 2013, according to research firm Everest Group. The PO market has tripled in share in the last three years, widening its footprint significantly in the emerging markets of Asia Pacific and Latin America.” Read more.


The list of applications of analytics in outsourcing can go on and on. Unsurprisingly, the vast scope and potential benefits are driving the market for both building analytics into outsourcing contracts and analytics BPS, where the function of delivering analytics itself is outsourced. Research by Everest Group suggests that adoption of analytics is moving beyond theory to successful high-impact deployment.” Read more.


 “Everest Group describes analytics as the discipline of gaining meaningful insights, through interpretation of data, leading to better decision-making. Everest Group puts analytics into four major groups, based on the level of solution maturity, sophistication and business impact.” Read More.


“In 2013, banks and financial services firms battled against low interest rates, strained revenue growth, the growing pressures of regulatory compliance, and the rise of the digital consumer,” said Jimit Arora, vice president at Everest Group. Read more.

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