“According to the Everest Group research report, the entire outsourcing market in the LATAM region is pegged at around US$700 to $800 million a year and growing.” Read More.


Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group, an outsourcing research group and consultancy, said the impact of a 50/50 ratio restriction “would be significant” and would raise the cost of the employees by 10% to 15%. New visa restrictions “would cause a spike in competition for U.S. resident IT talent and a rise in cost,” he said, noting that it might push offshore outsourcing firms to buy companies with U.S. workforces.” Read More.


“It’s a step-up from earlier ergonomics principles due to the meeting of multiple disruptions at the same time such as automation, robotics, cloud services, mobility, and data-driven analysis. ‘Customer age’ should mean building simplicity and elegance in the way enterprises work and think, right from technology, people, and processes,” says Everest Group Practice Director Yugal Joshi.” Read More.


“Global services exports are growing in 2014, according to recent research from Everest Research,  after a slight decline of year-to-year growth rate in 2013.”  Read More.


“Experts are not yet ready to give full credit for the quarter’s performance to the new management. “I think the only thing that Sikka has done up to this point is to restore morale and give both employees and customers a sense of confidence in the Infosys strategy,” says Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO of management consulting firm Everest Group.” Read More

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