Transforming to Thrive: Building Winning Operating Models Amid Disruption Across Industries

Generative AI might be the first disruptor to spring to mind in 2024, but there are other seismic trends at play that are affecting industries worldwide. Fundamental shifts are developing, brought on by the evolving role of captives, changes in talent management strategies, and new approaches to data exchange/management, which is leading to changes in enterprise operating models.

In this webinar hosted by Everest Group experts, Manu Aggarwal, Partner, Ankur Verma, Vice President, and Suman Upardrasta, Vice President, attendees understood how enterprises should think about disruptive changes as they go about their transformation agenda. Our panel discussed effective strategies for thriving in the face of disruption and offered their experienced view on the best path forward.

What questions did the webinar answer for the participants?

  • What are the trends impacting enterprises across industries, such as healthcare, life sciences, insurance, and banking and financial services?
  • What are the primary implications for business, technology, and sourcing resulting from these trends?
  • What impact does the adoption of disruptive technologies like generative AI have on the enterprise operating model? What are the common challenges that enterprises are facing as a result?
  • How can the operating models be tweaked or changed to help enterprises move from disruption to transformation?

Who should attend?

  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • Enterprise BU heads 
  • IT/BPO strategy heads
  • Outsourcing heads
  • Procurement managers
  • IT/BPO department heads
  • Global Sourcing managers
  • Vendor managers
  • Senior marketing executives 
Vice President
Vice President

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