The Enterprise Business Case for Cloud Transformation: Everest Group’s New Next Generation IT Offerings | Webinar

Thursday, June 23, 2011 | 11:00 a.m. CDT; 12:00 p.m. EDT; 4:00 p.m. GMT

Unprecedented need for business agility and cost efficiency are placing extreme, unsustainable demands on traditional enterprise IT. Fortunately, new cloud and next generation IT models offer disruptive improvements in cost and performance needed to respond to these challenges. Migration to these models is starting to unleash a wave of transformation across the enterprise IT landscape.

Everest Group is committed to helping leading enterprises navigate the opportunities and challenges associated with transformation and cloud migration. Based on extensive work with leading enterprises and cloud vendors, Everest Group has developed the first comprehensive set of analytics, frameworks and fact-based economic models for enterprise IT transformation and cloud migration. In this webinar, learn how Everest Group’s new Next Generation IT advisory services leverage these capabilities to help you:

  • Model and assess the comparative economics of workload migration to private, public and hybrid cloud platforms, informed by actual cost and performance data.
  • Examine the complex interactions across an enterprise’s comprehensive IT portfolio, rather than assessing individual workloads or clusters of workloads.
  • Develop a comprehensive cloud migration and transformation business case and implementation roadmap based on independent, vendor-neutral perspectives.
  • Understand best practices and approaches for “modernizing” non-migrated infrastructure, and how to leverage next generation remote infrastructure management outsourcing (RIMO) models.
  • Identify new IT organizational models for delivering and supporting next generation IT environments.

Who should attend?

  • Enterprise IT executives and senior professionals seeking to develop an overall plan for next generation IT transformation.
  • CFOs and business executives looking to understand the potential business impact of cloud migration.
  • Enterprises “experimenting” with cloud services who are seeking to take the next step and develop a broader perspective on the transformational potential of cloud for their businesses.


  • Scott Bils, Partner, Everest Group
  • Dale Stara, Engagement Director, Everest Group

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