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How to Develop Successful E-learning Content in 10 Steps | In the News

E-learning is evolving rapidly with the introduction of generative AI, platform enhancements, and new learning modalities. Developing e-learning content follows age-old principles, while new e-learning tools and capabilities change workflows and learning processes.

Priyanka Mitra, Vice President at Everest Group, outlined in an article by Tech Target that in business, e-learning is important to employee upskilling efforts for several reasons, such as self-paced learning, cost-effectiveness, and more.

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GICs Anticipate Significant Challenges in Hiring Vital Future Skills | Market Insights™

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Skills such as intuition & innovation, design thinking, pattern recognition, leadership, and problem solving are likely to become highly critical to GICs for service delivery in the future

  • Most GICs believe that they will face severe shortages in availability of talent for these critical skills

The reason for the widening skills-gap include:

  • Limited supply of ready-to-hire talent for these skills
  • Increased competition among firms to hire the right talent
  • Low propensity to train and lack of effective ways of learning & development / training solutions for required skills

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