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Higher Digital Spends likely to Boost IT Budgets in 2019, Say Experts | In the News

Clients of big information technology (IT) services companies are likely to increase their budgets this year, after not doing so for the past few years, claims experts and analysts tracking the sector. Discretionary expenditure in new technologies, needed to stay relevant, is going to be the source of the budgetary expansion.

According to experts and analysts, most outsourcing deals in 2019 will be led by new technologies, which will be bundled with traditional services. This will lead to a bigger size of outsourcing contracts.

“At this time, we are seeing a continuation of last year’s robust spending on IT-related investment in the first two quarters of this year. Most of the demand will come from verticals such as energy and engineering apart from insurance, consumer-packaged goods, and retail,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and chief executive officer of global research firm Everest Group.

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