Shared Services & Outsourcing Week – March 4-6 | Event

Eric Simonson, Managing Partner – Research, and Todd Hintze, Managing Partner, will both speak at the 17th Annual North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week in Orlando, Florida. Learn more.

The Value of Global In-House Centers: Perception, Reality & the Future – Eric Simonson

The results of a recently completed Everest Group study designed to understand the value delivered by Global In-house Centers (GICs) — formerly referred to as “captives” – will be presented during this session. Findings will include how GIC executives characterize the value they aim to deliver, parent organization executives’ perceptions of the value they receive, and a discussion of the gaps between the two. The presentation will also reveal if executives are seeking to drive value beyond cost savings from offshore/nearshore operations, the key capabilities required to deliver enhanced value, and the ways in which parent and GIC organizations can improve their interactions to allow for increased value.

Sourcing Strategies in a Hybrid Model and the Impact on the Role of the CIO – Todd Hintze

Today’s CIOs are facing the next generation of sourcing, which often includes managing hybrid models that require strategies and decisions regarding delivery model types, including cloud, location and optimization.

  • Moving from build to orchestrate: Why the shift is taking place and what must CIOs do to adapt?
  • How does the hybrid model allow the CIO more flexibility and correspondingly, what additional knowledge, skills and responsibilities does it require?
  • Which metrics and risks brought about by delivering sourcing in the cloud should be at the top of a CIO’s agenda?

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