Advanced Locations Tool

With an existing delivery footprint, many organizations are no longer looking to expand – but they do need to monitor developments and continue to make tactical work placement decisions

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Overview of Advanced Locations Tool

We have designed this tool for power users to track, compare, and conduct complex analysis on global cities for traditional, as well as digital services. Clients have confirmed that it is the industry’s most comprehensive and customizable fact pack on global locations

When and why do global organizations leverage our Advanced Locations Tool?


  •  To aid decision support
  •  As a robust information fact pack for market intelligence
  •  As a comprehensive source of knowledge


Sample the Value

Download a complimentary sample deliverable of our Advanced Locations Tool

Exhaustive Coverage

200+ cities with 100+ data points for each city; tool can be tailored to include cities of interest. Functions included in the tool are:

  • Back-office business process services: Finance & Accounting (transactional), Finance & Accounting (complex), HR, HR, Supply chain, Procurement
  • Contact center: English, Multilingual (European languages), Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  • Information technology: Application development & maintenance, Infrastructure services, Production support, System integration, ERP Implementation
  • Emerging functions: Marketing BPO, Legal services, Real estate services, Corporate Communication services
  • Digital services: 20 processes under digital services under Social & Interactive, Cloud, Mobility, and Analytics

Grounded Insights

Anchored on our practical custom engagement experience and supported by our experience of 150+ client projects involving location optimization decisions

Ease of Use and Customization

Ready-to-use output format as well as customizable user-specific format

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