Everest Group Names Top Employers for Tech Talent in US, UK and India

Eighty companies recognized by Everest Group as top tech employers based on brand perception and perceived performance from 400-plus companies assessed in top three talent markets.


DALLAS, August 1, 2023 — Everest Group today released the results of its second annual rating of top employers for tech talent, this year expanding the rating beyond the United States to include employers in the United Kingdom and India. The Everest Group Top Employers for Tech Talent™ report for 2023 identifies eighty companies perceived to be the best tech employers by virtue of their work environment and the job satisfaction of their employees.

Everest Group analyzed publicly available information on 400+ leading tech employers based out of the U.S., the U.K. and India to analyze the employer brand perception and the perceived performance of each of these tech employers in the local talent markets.

The Top Employers for Tech Talent report identifies 40 top employers in the U.S., 25 in India, and 15 in the U.K. In addition, Everest Group’s research team assessed the initiatives undertaken by best-in-class tech employers to differentiate themselves in talent markets.


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***View the on-demand webinar “The 2023 Top Employers for Tech Talent: Insights to Create a Powerful Employer Value Proposition,” featuring Brandi Khoury, vice president, Human Resources Global Talent Acquisition–Technical at Shell, and Shweta Mohanty, vice president, head of HR at SAP, India.***

“Despite the slowdown and layoff cycles of 2023, organizations are still struggling to recruit and retain high-quality tech talent, particularly employees with niche technology skillsets and expertise,” said Rohitashwa Aggarwal, partner at Everest Group. “Our research shows perceived brand perception of tech employers strongly influences and correlates with success in the talent markets. The Top Employers for Tech Talent assessment helps organizations benchmark against the leaders who are perceived by their tech employees as successfully creating the culture and work environment they want and need.”


Top Employers for Tech Talent in the U.S.

Among 210 of the largest employers for tech talent in the U.S. assessed by Everest Group, 40 were designated as Top Employers. Among the highest rated are Alphabet, ConocoPhillips, Fidelity Investments, Intuit, Netflix, Nvidia, Salesforce, ServiceNow and VMware.


Top Employers for Tech Talent in the U.K.

Among 70 of the largest employers for tech talent in the U.K. assessed by Everest Group, 15 were designated as Top Employers: ABB Ltd., Amazon.com, Apple, Astra Zeneca, Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies, Ericsson AB, Intel Corporation, Meta Platforms, Nokia Corporation, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sage Group, SAP SE, Shell and Vodafone Group.


Top Employers for Tech Talent in India

Among 135 of the largest employers for tech talent in India assessed by Everest Group, 25 were designated Top Employers. Among that group, the top rated include Adobe, Alphabet, Apple, Experian, Microsoft, Salesforce, Sun Life Financial, Synchrony Financial, Thomson Reuters, Uber and VMware.

“I am thrilled that Experian is amongst the Top Employers for Tech Talent in India and the United States,” said Ravi Devesetti, global chief technology officer, Experian Software Solutions. “This award is a testament to the harmonious collaboration between the two countries and the common passion for technology. Our positioning of ‘Engineering Excellence Everywhere’ has steered us towards attracting the top tech talent in both countries. This remarkable achievement signifies the culmination of our team’s dedication, resilience and enthusiasm for excellence in the field of technology and engineering. We have made significant investment in our employees’ growth and upskilling through path-breaking Learning & Development programs. Innovation is at our core; we encourage an environment of continuous learning through Hackathons that see incredible participation from our employees. Our early careers and university partnerships have fueled our strategy to attract top tech talent. This award signifies our commitment to pushing boundaries of technological advancement, and my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has played an important role in this remarkable achievement. Our commitment to innovation, engineering excellence everywhere and societal impact remains integral to us.”


Key Takeaways:
  • Employer brand perception is dynamic and fluctuates over time. In 2022-23, employer brand perception ratings across the U.S. took a noticeable dip, while tech employers in India have maintained their brand perception ratings.
  • Holding the top position as the preferred employer for tech talent is a formidable challenge, as approximately 40% of last year’s top performers have slipped from the top quadrant in India and the U.S. However, some tech employers have achieved significant improvements in brand perception through multi-pronged initiatives.
  • Employee expectations are continuously evolving. Work flexibility and diversity and inclusion (D&I) emerged as crucial factors in attracting and retaining talent, with compensation and benefits also ranking highly important.
  • Systematic differences impact employer brand perception. Employees in India generally place more importance on compensation and benefits whereas employees in the U.S. and the U.K. are more concerned about career development.


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