The Pricing Bulletin: Outsourcing Pricing During Recession in 2023

In this episode of the Pricing Bulletin, Rohan Pant, Practice Director, is joined by Abhishek Sharma, Partner, to discuss the likelihood of a true recession in 2023 and what that means for outsourcing pricing. With the recent events in the financial services and banking industry, the direction could dip more toward a recession. These kinds of events are key indicators of what to watch for.

Outsourcing pricing during recession could lead to a flattening of rates. Enterprises need to pay attention to facts rather than hearsay so there aren’t misunderstandings between enterprises and service providers, and the contract is equitable to both parties.

Watch our recent webinar on this topic as our pricing experts discuss pricing in recession and how enterprises can navigate this environment successfully and avoid overpaying for IT and technology services in 2023.

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