Navigate Gen AI Risks in Supply Chain and Procurement: Planning for Success

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Thursday, February 1, 2024.

Sourcing and supply chain teams are awash in data and content, making the function a prime opportunity to implement generative AI (gen AI). However, these functions also face significant ethical, privacy, and accuracy concerns. 📊

📢Watch this LinkedIn Live event to hear our experts discuss how the market, providers, and functional leaders are addressing these challenges to pave the way for innovation. This event is a follow-up to our previous LinkedIn Live discussion, The Possibilities for Generative AI in Sourcing.

During the event, we explored:

  • 🌐 The risks, challenges, and barriers to gen AI adoption and how organizations can position themselves for success
  • 🌐 How procurement leaders can navigate the ethical, privacy, and security concerns in the adoption of gen AI to drive innovation
  • 🌐 The technology providers in the gen AI space that sourcing and supply chain teams can work with

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