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Impact Sourcing: The Asset Enterprises Could be Missing

Watch this event on LinkedIn which was delivered live on Wednesday, June 12, 2024

While the impact sourcing model continues to gain momentum with service providers embracing inclusive talent strategies, enterprise buyers are yet to recognize the win-win value of the model.

Watch this interactive LinkedIn Live event to discover the vast advantages impact sourcing delivers for enterprises and learn practical approaches to achieving business benefits while driving social impact. Attendees will also gain a better understanding of current sustainability commitments and goals that enterprises today are targeting. 🌱📈

During this collaborative LinkedIn Live session, we discussed: 

• What are the key benefits for buyers of impact sourcing? 💼💡
• How can enterprises find impact sourcing opportunities? 🌍🔍
• How do enterprises promote impact sourcing in their services contracts? 📝🤝

Meet the presenters

Tom McCormick Head Shot
Senior Director
Capital One Financial
Principal Analyst Everest Group
John Strum
Senior Director
Meta Reality Labs

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