IRPA AI Automation, AI and Innovation Event — March 13 | Event

Vice President of Research Sarah Burnett will be a key speaker at the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence’s (IRPA AI) March 13 Automation event. Sarah will host a session on How AI can complement RPA for better results.

About the session
RPA and AI are very different types of technologies but when combined, they can help organizations get significantly more value out of automation. In this session, Sarah Burnett, lead automation analyst at Everest Group, will talk about:

  • The differences between the two types of technology
  • The suitability of the two for automating different types of processes
  • How to get started on each and combine the two for end-to-end automation

March 13, 2018

Paris, France

Sarah Burnett, Research Vice President, Everest Group

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