ESG in Services: What Sourcing Teams Must Know to Do More

Access the on-demand webinar, which was delivered live on December 7, 2021.

While environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives have been important to sourcing teams for years, most efforts have focused on the materials supply chain or smaller, less strategic suppliers. Savvy sourcing teams have realized that’s no longer enough and are focusing on ways to navigate their ESG objectives with large, strategic service providers.

In this webinar, our analysts will share current ESG trends in the global services industry and provide guidance on how to use your services spend to better reach your organization’s diversity and sustainability goals.

What questions will our experts answer?

  • What does sustainability look like in services categories?
  • What challenges do procurement teams face in reaching sustainability objectives, and how can they overcome them?
  • How do supplier diversity programs meet AND miss sustainability opportunities?
  • What questions should you ask your suppliers about ESG?
  • What is impact sourcing, and how can you know if it’s right for our organization?
  • What interesting things are service providers doing to move ESG forward?
  • What should procurement teams be doing in 2022 to reach their ESG initiatives in services categories?

Who should attend?

  • Diversity, sustainability, and compliance leaders
  • Corporate social responsibility leaders
  • Sourcing and vendor managers
    Procurement managers
  • Global sourcing managers
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