SAP & Everest Group: Architecting for Success | Webinar

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 | 9:00 AM CDT

How to Optimally Leverage Alternate Solution Deployment Options

Customers have become highly demanding and brand loyalties are fast becoming a thing of the past. If you are unable to deliver to your customers’ expectations, they will quickly move on to your competitors’ products. Enterprises need a new kind of capabilities, one which is both robust and flexible, and enables them to respond to the demands. It is not the recognition of this need, but the optimal approach to acquiring such capabilities in a cost-effective manner that has remained a challenge.

At this webinar, a panel of experts from SAP and Everest Group will discuss the need, the challenges, the solution options, and share their perspective of the possibilities, best practices in solutions landscape design, critical success factors, and how to mitigate risk while optimizing value.

The panel will discuss:

  • Enterprise needs, challenges, and role of IT
  • Capability building options leveraging various solution deployment models including on-premise, on-demand, shared services, outsourcing, and cloud based services
  • How some global businesses have leveraged a network-based business model to acquire essential capabilities
  • Characteristics of best-in-class solutions landscape
  • Deliberate Design approach and the discipline needed for longer term success
  • Operating and Governance structure a key ingredient for long term success

You will also have opportunities to pose your own questions to the panel.

We hope you will join us for this insightful webinar on how to build essential business capabilities, via a network-based business model, optimally leveraging both internal and external resources to drive success.


  • Dharman Shetty, Director Global Strategy, Outsourcing and On-Demand Services, SAP AG
  • Marvin Newell, Partner, Everest Group
  • Scott Bils, Partner, Everest Group


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