ADM Price Benchmarking: Making it Work in Your Complex Environment | Webinar

ADM Price Benchmarking: Making it Work in Your Complex Environment

In complex IT-ADM environments in which multiple roles are sourced from multiple suppliers, rate misalignment issues are common.

For example, Supplier A might charge an hourly rate of $18 for a “Developer’ while Supper B might charge $24 for a “Programmer”, implying a price difference of 33% for seemingly similar roles. These discrepancies in pricing across suppliers often arise either from an improper mapping of skills-sets to supplier role nomenclatures or from an implicit value premium offered by one supplier over the other.

Standard price benchmarking provides insight into areas of price misalignment. However, it does not offer help in reconciling the misalignment with its root cause.

Everest invites you to join us for an insightful one-hour webinar, as Everest’s pricing assurance practice aims to address the root causes and remedies for misalignments. Using Everest proprietary frameworks for skill portfolio rationalization and value-based price benchmarking, this webinar will help you uncover cost savings and operational efficiencies by optimizing skill definitions and understanding fair-value pricing.

Date and Time

Thursday, July 15, 2010
10:00 am Central Daylight Time (GMT – 05:00, Chicago)
11:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (GMT – 04:00, New York)
4:00 pm GMT Summer Time (GMT 00:00, London)


Ross Tisnovsky – Vice President–Research, Everest Group
Sarthak Brahma – Practice Director, Pricing Assurance, Everest Group
Rahul Gehani – Senior Analyst, Pricing Assurance, Everest Group

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