Walking the IT Budget Tightrope | Webinar

Access the on-demand webinar, which was delivered live on February 4, 2021

With IT budgets expected to flatline in 2021, many organizations are facing obstacles as they strategize and plan IT spends for the year. IT leaders will need to find ways to deliver business value while also significantly optimizing IT costs. However, achieving aggressive cost optimization goals requires vigilant evaluation of current methods and execution of the right transformational practices.

This webinar with Everest Group’s Jimit Arora, Partner, Michel Janssen, Chief Research Officer, and Ashwin Venkatesan, Vice President, explores insights that businesses can use to shape their IT budgets in 2021, including:

  • What budgetary strategies will optimize IT costs
  • Which top three “must-adopt” methods can deliver 20%+ savings
  • How to evolve traditional budgeting approaches for breakthrough savings

This session will help the following groups evaluate and optimize their IT budget strategies:

  • Budget leaders and decision makers within enterprises
  • Senior executives of strategic sourcing and vendor management
  • IT: CIOs, CTOs, and executives

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Michel Janssen
Chief Research Officer
Everest Group

Jimit Arora
Everest Group

Ashwin Venkatesan
Vice President
Everest Group

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