Shared Services Forum Virtual Annual Conference 2020 | November 10-11 | Event

Anurag Srivastava will be delivering a session titled 2020 and Beyond: Key Learnings, What Will be the Impact on the Future of Delivery & Location Strategies. 

In this session, Anurag goes beyond commiseration and conjecture and provides a fact-based view of the already-visible effects of the pandemic based on our tracking of outsourcing deals, new global business / shared services centers, location-specific trends, and service provider developments.

He will also take a deep dive into the implications of these developments on future delivery and locations strategies, such as key changes to delivery portfolios, trends in onshoring vs. offshoring, locations portfolio consolidation vs. diversification, rise in large scale hubs vs. small scale centers, and adoption of a remote / work from home delivery model. Questions that Anurag’s session will address:

  • How has COVID-19 impacted outsourcing and offshoring services?
  • How do global enterprises seem to be changing their delivery strategies (e.g., sourcing model, shoring mix, investments in digital and transformation)?
  • What changes are we already seeing in leverage of delivery locations (onshore/nearshore/offshore); how are things likely to change going forward?
  • What changes will we see in how enterprises orchestrate their delivery portfolios (e.g., integrate remote delivery, hubs vs. spokes vs. satellites, growth in tier-2/3 cities)?
  • How should firms navigate this massive disruption by going back to design principles?

Learn more about Anurag’s session


November 12


Virtual session


Anurag Srivastava
Vice President
Everest Group

Learn more about Anurag’s session

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