The Facts about the Cost Competitiveness of Global In-house Centers | Webinar

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 | 9 a.m. CDT

Esteemed Panelists Provide a Reality-based Look at Wage Inflation and the Sustainability of Cost Arbitrage

Speculation of fading cost competitiveness have long surrounded Global In-house Centers (GICs), or captives. To arm decision makers with real data rather than speculation, Everest Group and NASSCOM conducted research to understand the extent of cost savings achieved, levers for driving cost savings, and the future sustainability of these savings.

Join us for a one-hour webinar to review the findings of this important study and hear first-hand from Wells Fargo and MetLife executives about their real-life lessons with GICs.

Webinar discussion will focus on addressing the following questions:

  • How much savings do GICs deliver from a total cost of ownership perspective?
  • Is inflation a serious concern?
  • How sustainable is the cost competitiveness of GICs?

About the Study

Everest Group and NASSCOM conducted the joint research Cost Competitiveness of Global In-house Centers (GICs) based on input and perspectives from multiple leading GICs and Everest Group’s proprietary knowledge base.

Special thanks to our steering committee: Deena Harapanahalli, Invesco; Aveek Mukherjee, Wells Fargo; Nitin Seth, Fidelity Worldwide Investment; and Sriram Dhanyamraju, Dell


  • Charles Roberson, Head of Enterprise Expense Management and Offshoring, Corporate Finance Group, Wells Fargo
  • Kush Kamra, Senior Vice President, Global Operations, and Chairman & Managing Director, Global Operations Support Center, MetLife
  • H. Karthik, Vice President, Everest Group


  • Eric Simonson, Managing Partner, Research, Everest Group

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