Location Optimization

As companies expand their leverage of global services, the landscape of service delivery locations continues to broaden. And identifying the appropriate location is becoming even more critical.

Everest Group tracks more than 125 cities across North America, Central and South America, Continental Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, South and Southeast Asia and Australasia. We track the evolution of cost structures and skill pools for key functions. Monitor market activity. And continuously assess the stability of the environment. It’s not just database knowledge — our team is constantly traveling, to provide an up-to-date, on-the-ground perspective.

You can turn to Everest Group for insight, analysis and advice regarding a variety of location decisions, including:

Location portfolio design and optimization. Developing the design of the portfolio, including identifying roles for locations in the portfolio and ensuring optimal services distribution; ongoing optimization including tracking cost structures, monitoring emerging risks to ensure a continuous balance of financial benefit and risk mitigation

Location selection for expanding global services delivery. Selecting best-fit locations that meet desired scale, financial and risk objectives for specific talent pools ranging from basic transaction processing skills to sophisticated industry-specific domain skills

Monitoring of risks across a location portfolio. Ongoing tracking of risks across multiple dimensions such as attrition and inflation, talent pool saturation, pandemic threats, macro-economic and geo-political concerns to inform decisions around distribution of new services scale and/or scope

Concentration risk measurement and mitigation. Assessing current levels of concentration risk and evaluating mitigation approaches to reduce exposure and build resiliency across the global services location portfolio, including global in-house centers (GICs) and service providers

In addition, we also work with country associations and private equity firms to help them develop strategies for marketing and positioning in the offshore marketplace, to effectively target investors and continue to develop fundamental capabilities.

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