Enterprise Services Strategy

In virtually every industry and geography around the world, enterprise leaders face critical decisions about how to meet their service delivery needs.

The range of options can be daunting — forming shared services groups, forging outsourcing relationships or founding offshore global in-house center (GIC) operations — but the potential impact on shareholder value is enormous.

The first step? Define the right strategy. This is where working with Everest Group will give you a distinct advantage.

Building on insights from our original research and applying strategic analytics tailored to your specific situation, we work with you to generate creative alternatives, and evaluate them against both your short-term and long-term objectives. The result:  Fact-based decisions that drive confident action and deliver impact.

So whether you’re taking an initial step to transform your administrative or back-office service delivery or sorting out the best approach for managing a hybrid collection of distinct service delivery models, Everest Group can support your initiatives with experience and expertise.